Friday, November 16, 2012

Sweet Mail from Sweet B

So, I called James yesterday to let him know I was on my way home from work.  He told me I had a package that came in the mail! Yay!  I asked him to tell me who it came from.  He wouldn't.  I asked nicely with a "please," and he still wouldn't tell me.  Arg!  I was so eager to find out who it was from, but knew I wasn't going to get any hints from the hubby!  
When I walked through the door, the package was sitting right there on the dining room table.  I gave a Rainey a pat, and James a kiss, then walked on over! Aahhh!  A package from my sister Beth! A little "this and that"....sweet birthday mail. 
2 lovely-smelling candles (I wish you could smell them through the computer screen!)
2 trimmed pillow cases (She knows I love the detail....)
1 brownish, blueish, greenish scarf (I could wear it with anything, no matter what the color!)
1 pair of GAP ankle socks (She knows how I miss GAP and it is VERY cold up here, so I will be fashionably warm.)
1 green polka-dotted skirt (AAAHHH!!! When I am not wearing this skirt EVERY. OTHER. DAY., it will be hanging in my closet next to my other polka-dotted favorite, ....seen here!)  
Thanks B! You are too sweet and I miss time with you!!  I hope we can take a random day and do random things together....maybe hit up SAVERS.  Love thrifting and antiquing with YOU!  Love YOU!

Happy Friday my friends!
XO Tiff

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