Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sit in the Hay!

OR when it gets chilly, just throw on a nice wool tweed coat:

Target hooded sweater, gifted scarf, Charlotte Russe skinny jeans (my favorite!), and Born boots ($3 dollar sale find...cha-ching!)
This outfit is the easiest and fastest thing to throw on when all you have to do is sit in the hay all day!...in this case, literally! ;)
James and I love to do that!....Not actually sitting in the hay ALL DAY, 'cause that would just get itchy and uncomfortable.  But, we do enjoy taking a drive out to James' parents home where there are dirt roads, no schedules, and lots of wind { as seen in photo 3 above :) }
At this very moment, these hay bales are now officially covered in "the white stuff"........snow!  That's right, I am NOW officially saying it is here to stay, unlike when I said it would be here to stay in this post....I was totally wrong!  Wrong I was, wrong I will be about many things.  That's okay, 'cause always being right and perfect is boring....unless James says it....then he's just making me blush. ;)
Happy hay day heyday and high spirits to YOU!
Tiff (& James)


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  1. Love your coat! Such a cute look :)