Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Love orange....but not on the walls!

While James has been hunting.....this gal has been painting!
If you know me....I LOVE TO PAINT, SERIOUSLY!
Give me a canvas, furniture, or a wall and I will have at it.
Our middle room, aka Room 2 (as seen on the "After" picture to your right)....aka Orange Room is now officially NOT ORANGE!! YAY!!!! Let me inform you that we bought the house with this orange room and I like orange...it just didn't fit our home's feel. 
That's right our home has feelings or whatever...okay?! :)
I used to have "this thing" with the color orange, though.  My family can account for it too!
I remember keeping a used Wheaties cereal box with the Green Bay Packers - Super Bowl Champs on the cover (way to go boys!). 
The reason I kept it was because it was orange.  I also kept a Cheetos bag for months just because of the color.  I had so many things in my "Orange Collection" that I can't list them all, even though you are dying to hear it (I know).....but, one that I received from my grandma when I was about 10 years old was one I will never forget and possibly never get rid of....
It was an orange dustpan.....
Grandma gave it to me and told me to keep it for when I had a house and was married.....
I loved it.....(remember I was 10 years old going on married and owning my own house, and I didn't even know it)!  I still love orange and I still have that orange dustpan sitting in my closet next to it's mate...the broom.  Thanks Grandma for keeping my love for orange alive but not on my walls! And, if you had Internet, you would be able to know I still use that lovely gift, Grandma B! 
I still love orange,....just not on our walls!
Did you ever have an obsession with one color?!
Have you painted anything in your home lately?

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  1. Well...you already know the answer to this..but YES!! I love painting...but only for a little bit. I'm over the whole process pretty quickly (that's why I'm a big fan of accent walls!)