Friday, May 24, 2013


A little bit of red, white, and blue for you as we unofficially kickoff summer!
Whenever I see PEPSI anything, all I can think about is that fantastic Ray Charles in the diet pepsi commercial from the '90's. 
I'd sing it as a little girl whenever I could:
"You got the right one babaaaay. Uh. Huh!" ;)   
In case you want to a flashback and sing along, check it out here. 
The prettiest fruit pizza I have made all year....which probably doesn't mean much because this was my first for 2013! :)
.....and you know it's Friday at the office when you ask a co-worker as VERY serious question about the office cookout: 
"Should I place the fruit on my pizza in an "American flag pattern" or just random placement? 
....good to know that everyone wants a little bit of blueberry, raspberry, & strawberry on each slice! Serious stuff, people!
I was feeling a little patriotic in my attire for today:  RED toes, WHITE sandals, and a BLUE skirt.  Of course, I continued this American feelin' with a red, bib necklace and a blue striped button down, knotted on bottom ...just as I styled here!
...and just one more glimpse of the deliciousness in that fruit pizza.
Devoured it!
I hope everyone takes time to honor and remember:
and the blessings of being in 
Have a safe and memorable, memorial weekend!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

the new "business casual"

Sunglasses: Target, Blazer: thrifted, Tank: Walmart, Necklace: thrifted, Distressed Boyfriend Jeans: Aeropostale (waaaay old), Purse: Guess (thrifted), Wedges: Target
Ok.  So what do you think of the new "business casual" look I am going for?  I saw online the other day where you can buy a brand new pair of jeans that are bleached, ripped, and "oil stained"....for only $300 dollars!!!!  CRAZY expensive.....and that's how they came - brand new!? I thought to myself....hmm, I am pretty sure I have a pair like that at home up in my closet labeled "work jeans" for when I work to the point of smelling like dirt, grass, oil, oh yeah!  Distressed boyfriend jeans that actually have real, permanent oil stains in them!  Just so you know and because I am an honest is TRUE!  I changed the oil in my car in these pants...and now I am struttin' around in them with some high wedges and a cute, business blazer.....'cause this is IN people!? ;)  Next thing you know,
I am going to be wearing shop gloves with this ensemble as another accessory for these hands. 
10 years from now, I may look back and say, "What was I thinking?" 
But, for now I just want to try something new...or get the point! ;)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Baseball Cap = Game Time

Braves Hat: old, Aviators: Calvin Klein, Cargo Jacket: J.Crew, T-Shirt: Target, Cropped Jeans: Target, Wedges: Target
'Tis the season of baseball/softball/playing betcha!
Tonight is James very first softball game of the season for the recreation league he plays in.  I posted about last year's first game here.  I can't believe how fast it has come around again, and that only means one thing....GAME ON & HAT ON!  I love me a baseball hat. 
This one I have had for a years, but I love how casual and classic it is.   
Here's to a great season babe!!! .......and lots of cheering in the stands for me!
Now, what else could top this off? ...Nothin' but a stadium hot dog smothered in relish, mustard, and ketchup.....yum!
NOTE: Don't wear white if there is any mustard involved! ;)

Friday, May 17, 2013

sweet weekend

The word "weekend" is such a sweet word. 
I hope to enjoy every minute of mine and hope you will do the same! 
I shall see you Monday!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Micah!

Micah....We are so proud to call you our brother!
We hoped that today was all great and you!
Cheezy and cliche?! Yes! But.....every word is truth!
Keep doing what you do and blessings to you on this day, night, and the next, and the next,....
Love you!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3D just ain't my thing.

Target: sunglasses & sandals
Old Navy: dress
thrifted: sweater
So, as it was James' birthday on Monday, I surprised him with tickets to see Iron Man 3D!  He was on call for the first two weekends it was in theaters, so I knew we had to go before we missed it!  What better time than his birthday, right?!  There was a 6:45 or 7:15 showing and if you didn't know already, we looooooooooove any chance there is to go to bed early.  We kinda live crazy, busy lives and enjoy any extra shut-eye we can get!  Therefore, 6:45 was it!...and it was in 3D!  How perfectly unforgettable, I thought! 
......Movie and home in time to close our eyes before the sun goes down.  Can I get an AMEN!  
Well, wish I had hindsight 20/20, 'cause 3D just ain't my thing (or James' either).  The picture was still a little fuzzy viewing through the glasses they gave us (...and then took them back...whatever happened to souvenirs?).  Ha! and you can't NOT laugh when you look at your spouse in those glasses, jaw dropped with excitement.  ...If only they allowed me to bring in my camera for the show....
You would be able to "see it clearer."  ;)
Anyways, I know better now for next year!
What do you think?!
Is 3D the way YOU go?

Monday, May 13, 2013

...she WILL move mountains.

Yesterday, we celebrated Mom, not just because she was a mother, but because it was also her birthday. 
This quote is exactly how I feel about my mom. 
"Let her sleep.  For when she wakes, she will move mountains." 
Of course this was spoken from the mouth of Napolean first, as he was referencing China,
but it has different meaning for me in reference to my mom.
The strength of her love and compassion is great and irreplaceable.  Many times I can remember how Mom just got it done! But, I know there were times when she needed that rest to awake refreshed to tackle the next day as a mother of four + working full time.  Of all the time she has put into her daughters, not once did I hear her ever complain about not having enough time for herself.  When she encountered difficulty, she pulled through.  When she was at her limit, she went above and beyond that limit.  How?  Not by her own strength, but through the strength of the Lord within her.  I didn't quite understand that until I found my own faith and strength in the Lord.  
She shared with me recently the verse Matthew 17:20 that says, "...I tell you the truth, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you can tell that mountain to move from here to there, and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible to you."  We talked about how we think about this verse and how often it is used concerning emotional we battle with fear, anxiety, self esteem issues, etc...  Those are real battles and mountains that we face, but why don't we speak this concerning even greater pysical battles in our lives?  What if there was 
A MOUNTAIN that we needed moved...would moving it be possible?  Would we have enough faith to move it?!  According to God, nothing is impossible through Him, whatever that mountain is in our life: big or small...real battles, real mountains, and things that seem totally impossible in our understanding of them.  They ARE possible to move - to overcome - as we trust and have greater faith in the Lord.  If we have a mountain in our path, can we not speak to it, "MOVE!....'cause I have faith in the Lord to do it for me!!" 
My mom has faith and strength in the Lord to move mountains. 
I, myself, trust and believe that the Lord can move ANY obstacle in my life. 
I pray that you will have that kind of faith, greater than the faith you had yesterday, to conquer the mountains in your life. 
No matter how big they seem, remember all things ARE possible for He is greater!
Mom, you are an inspiration in faith, in your example, and in love.
I pray you find rest that you need today, so you can continue to move those mountains!!
Great love for you,

Birthday Hunk!

All. Time. Favorite.
Happy Birthday James!
I love you so much!
You are such a HUNK!

Friday, May 10, 2013


3, 2, 1...IT'S THE WEEKEND!
LET'S DANCE!!! Do the "Q-Tip," Polka, Electric Slide, whatever you want....just MOVE with me!
Seriously, I can see you sitting... :)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
^ pretty rockin' dance moves, I know! ^
Okkkkaaay, so now that my secret dance moves are out and I've COMPLETELY embarrassed myself, my husband, and everyone who knows me, let's talk about, specifically:
1.  Today is OFFICIALLY...........Friday the 10th
(just in case you didn't realize we are almost half way to JUNE!! which = even WARMER weather, yay)!
2. I am so VERY excited to drive to Wisconsin tonight!! 
I get to spend a night with Beth (whoot!) and then see all the other people I miss so much FOR THE WHOLE fam!
3. Today I realized was payday...another reason why today rocks!
4. My mind is bouncing with music beats and I can't think of anything other then some song from "Dreamgirls." 
....embarassed myself again.  I have to stop doing that!
How about I just call it a day and let the rest of this Friday be filled with hideous spontaneous dancing and an outfit as I say, "Ta! Ta!" 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Better Boxed Brownies

Greek yogurt is super good for you.  IT has probiotics, calcium, and a good protein/calorie ratio.  Who knew that substituting it in your brownies recipe could even work, though?  I didn't?  But as of late, I have seen many things on Pinterest that include
Greek yogurt as a better alternative in baking, cooking, ......and snacking of course! 
Brownies, on the other hand, are not nutritious, at all.  But, you and I love 'em anyways so why not feel a little less guilty about having some every now and then.  Homemade brownies from scratch are the best...and I mean the best!! But, if time is short and you want a quick sweet fix, this is a great way to make healthier boxed brownies.  I went with the frosted brownies this time and a glad I did! :)
All you have to do is make brownies according to directions except
replace the oil with 1 cup Greek yogurt.  That's IT!
The brownies turn out to be more moist than I thought and they were still soft days after I made them. 
Unbelievable..and QUITE unbelievable that they lasted for a few days! ha!
MMM, MMM, Good!
And if you would like to see other things that are inspiring me lately,
follow along on Pinterest ---- HERE!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

hide and seek and "inside voices, please"

Tommy Hilfiger sweater
Walmart silver scarf & pink scarf
Target skinny jeans
Target suede wedges
jewelry...I can't remember :)
The other day, we decided to take a little trip to the library.  I had a book title on my mind and just dreamed of being able to read it front cover to back. (Ha!  Like that was going to happen!!  It was the thought though, and why not try, right?!) 
Going to the library has always been in good memories from my childhood.  I remember being a part of the book club in the summer and winter reading programs and having time to play in the “kids area” while mom and dad searched for their current read.  We would get lost in play while mom looked up sewing books or dad searched for VHS’s (not DVD's) our family would watch on Friday nights (I really miss those Friday nights).  I do remember getting lost in the library a few times, though…just because my sisters and I would play hide and seek.  Do you know the difficult thing about hide & seek in the library is you can’t yell, “Found ya!”…you have to use inside voices and whisper.  So, if one of us was still hiding, it would be difficult to yell, “Come out, come out, wherever you are!”  We would just end up getting “lost” for a little time.  J  My hometown library is much larger than Hibbing’s library, so hiding and seeking now at my age would be much harder to play here because there aren’t too many places to get lost.  Plus, if you wear the brightest pink sweater you own while you are trying to hide, …let’s just say you will lose, you will be noticed, and it doesn’t matter if you are whispering or not! ;)

Monday, May 6, 2013

just skimming the surface

 Target sweater dress - bought on sale!
Target Sunglasses
Target grey long-sleeved tee
Target leggings
Target bag (...swapped my Guess purse with my lovely, sister Steph for this one)!
Madewell snakeskin "skimmer" flats - floral version & leopard version now on sale!
Target chain necklace
(other necklace was thrifted...)

Today, the weather is actually wonderful, unlike the past few days. 
It has felt as if we are just skimming the surface of this beautiful season called Spring. 
I haven't quite put away my sweaters yet, and because of the rain last week, I thought,
"Sweater dress...why don't you and I do a little dance?  Let's take another stroll together around this lovely town as we watch little bits of spring try and pop up here and there, shall we?"  So, it happened!  Out came the sweater dress, but I left the wool socks tucked away in their drawer 'til next winter.  I let my feet breath a little, but not too much.  I placed my toes in some lovely snakeskin "skimmer" flats 
I picked up from Madewell this winter when they were on sale!  What do you think?!

Let this be the last sweater dress of the season!
Have you put all your sweaters away already!?
Happy Monday and hope yours is simply beautiful!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

no APRIL showers MAY bring more laundry: a DIY tutorial

April was VERY shy of showers....RAIN SHOWERS!!! :)  I can be confusing!
James and I did indeed keep up on our clean hygiene and showered like normal people. 
I think I even was able to soak in a relaxing bath once in April, so whoohoo for that! :)
No more April, but that's okay!
Here's to MAY!!!
To start the month of right, as now I feel it is officially Spring around these parts,
I thought I would show you an easy DIY tutorial...
This is a great way to help with all the Spring cleaning you and I will be doing, right?! ;)
If you are like me and like to be frugal, why not save when it comes to laundry soap. 
We all have to wash clothes, so why not save some CA$H doing it!?  I
 heard about this online and did some researched. 
What if I told you that all you need to spend on laundry detergent is $29..........for a WHOLE YEAR!!!!
This recipe could potentially only cost you THAT?!  
I thought it was crazy too, but I am giving it a try and will share about it with you!
I have been using this detergent for about 2 weeks, and my clothes are clean & fresh smelling.....
....and I was amazed at how easy it was to make! 
What you will need....
The cost break down:
2 Bars Yardley's Soap - $2 for both
("Pomegranate Rose" is my favorite scent, but you can use any
"non-ivory" soap or a 14.1 oz ZOTE bar soap)
Oxi-Clean (3 lb) - $7.52
Purex Crystals (large bottle, any scent) - $8.96
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda (4 lb) - $2.66
Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (3 lb 7 oz) - $3.24
Borax Detergent Booster (4 lb 12 oz) - $3.38
(& 1 cheese grater from dollar store to grate the bar soap) - $1
= $28.76 TOTAL
Note: You will also need a large tote/bucket & mixing spoon for the process!
Grab your large 5 gallon bucket.
Pour into the bucket & mix together the washing soda, baking soda, & Borax. 
Pour a little of each ingredient in the bucket, mix, and repeat until all three boxes of ingredients are emptied into the bucket. 
It is very important that all three of these ingredients are distributed evenly. 
Next, pour in your Oxi-Clean & Purex Crystals and mix until well blended together.
Okay, that was the 2 minute part of the project!
The next and final ingredient will take a little more time.
Take your bar soap and shred it with the grater, like it's cheese!!! :)
You can shred the soap right over the bucket, and mix it with everything else every so often, until the soap grating is complete!  That's it! 
All ingredients can be kept in your tote or keep some on top of your washer in the empty Purex Crystal Bottle like you see below:
All it takes is 1 Tablespoon per load (2 Tablespoons if your stuff is filthy)!! ;)
This should last me a year if I wash 6 loads per week for 52 weeks! 
For a household of two, I think it is possible.  If you have more loads to wash, it will probably last less than a year,
but who knows....maybe you can streeeeeetch it to last!
I guess, let's touch base in a year and find out, shall we!!? :)
MAY your laundry endeavours be clean (& frugal)!
Don't forget to empty your pockets of all the extra cash you will be carrying around!! ;)