Thursday, May 31, 2012

To the first Tiffany Nelson...

Happy Birthday to the first Tiffany Nelson in this family! The pretty lady on the left is celebrating her birthday today.  I've really enjoyed being able to share a name and a friendship with you Tiff!
Wishing you all the best, sister, and hope that today is fantastic! Bless you and be encouraged today....
let happiness be yours! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Plaid is never bad, right?!

Okay.....I know what you're thinking.  Shades in the rain, plaid in the spring....and sandals?!!!  Who in their right mind?!!!  Okay...  To my defense: this weather we've been having lately.....well, it's confusing.......rain, rain, rain, and then hail, sun and humidity, and then some more rain.  I do love the rain, don't get me wrong.   I love a just has me mixing-up my season style! That's all....  Oh, and I must not be in my right mind or maybe I'm catching something serious from the weather, 'cause who would ever have a purse full of Jolly Rancher Chews and not even a wallet? Me....yes me! Thanks mom!!!!  You know what's got me: good ol' Jolly!

Remembering: Memorial Weekend Trip...

Memorial Day was different for me, this year.  For me, it was a joy to spend time with family and catch up with dear friends.  Along with the joys, there was peace; time away from the normal "schedule-filled" life....a time to reflect and remember.  In March, my grandpa passed away after battling with lung cancer.  He was a family man: always bringing joy to gatherings and loving each of us.  Every Memorial Day, he would wear "red, white & blue" and go to the Memorial Day Parade.  This year, we had the chance to attend the parade and memorial service held to honor veterans, those currently serving our country, and those who served for our freedom and are no longer with us.  As they read grandpa's name, during the service, I thought about what freedom means to me.  Grandpa served for this country and knew the echo of freedom.  Not only did he understand freedom in this country and it's cost, he understood the meaning of freedom in Christ and the debt that was paid for him.  Even though he had cancer, he was free.  Christ's love is deep and free and I'm thankful that I know freedom in Christ.  So, when I think about being free, I think about the sacrifice others gave for my freedom in this country, and the ultimate sacrifice Christ gave for my freedom from sin.  I hope you know true freedom and deep, unconditional love.  God bless you.      

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last Saturday Night at the Drive-In

James and I were able to travel back to my hometown for the weekend.  It was so much fun spending time with family.  Seriously, it had been way too long since I had been to the local Mom, Dad, James, and I stayed out way too late (like we were rebel teenagers staying out past curfew)!  We all stayed awake for The Lorax, but some of us fell asleep during the second movie...that would be mom and I, yes! :)  There were lots of smiles, candy, and San Pellegrino-Limonata (you have to try this sparkling water's a new favorite, thanks to inspiration from Sydney @ the daybook).  More photos to come from our Memorial Weekend!  How was yours?!  Hope it was superb! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

He ROCKS my world!

Okay! Do note that I am smiling as I write this.  Why?  Well, it's not because I am trying to embarrass my husband with these photos, 'cause I'm not.  It's not because it is Friday, even though it is a great thing. :)  Well, you better believe it when I tell you....I'm smiling because I'm HAPPILY married to this guy!!! I mean come on!!! He always knows how to lighten the busy, busy times in our life together (sometimes when I don't know it's good for me).  It DOESN'T mean we are perfect at marriage, me...we have to work at it.  It DOESN'T mean we agree all the time.  But, it does mean that James is truly my love and a joy....I mean, he's God's gift to me and he cracks me up.....seriously! :) All I have to say is......make this weekend happy and believe in joy.  For the joy of the Lord is our strength...  Blessings!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zig Zag

Target Missoni top, JCPenney pants, Calvin Klein belt, Target wedges & necklaces, Covergirl rapture lips

James always leaves for work before me and gets home before me.  This, usually, means he doesn't see what I dress myself in until I get he can't give his viewpoint until it's too late!! So, I get home from work last night and walk over to greet the husband, and his eyes.....they RE-ADJUSTED, I tell you!! 
He went on to say, "UP and DOWN, babe...woah!!!" 
Then I went on to say, "Zig zag...Missoni for Target, hun." 
His eyes re-adjusted again....or rolled, because I refer to my items of clothing by where I purchased them.  This all coming from the guy who would wear a t-shirt, sweatshirt, and jeans everyday if he could! :) It didn't matter to me....'cause he finished by telling me what he was honestly thinking, "I love you!"   

"Orange" You Glad?

Old Navy dress, Target t-shirt, JCPenney pants, Maurices flats, Walmart necklace, Liz Claiborne aviators

Okay! So "orange" you glad may seem pretty silly of a quote, title, etc.... but I AM glad.  How about you?!  When I was younger, we used to always replace "aren't" with "orange." Like:
"Orange you glad?"
"Orange you related to me?"
"Orange you going to STOP USING the word orange?" :)

Well, I may not stop being silly by replacing words, 'cause it's the simplest things in life that can bring a smile (whether people are laughing with me or at me). Orange is one of my favorite colors, why not own an orange dress?!  That's what I think! :)
Bright day and blessings to you this Wednesday morning! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

"Sisters, Sisters..."

"Sisters, sisters.  There were never such devoted sisters...."
I love our love for eachother. 
Thanks for all your encouragement: through times in my life when I needed it most.

"Caring, sharing.  Every little thing that we are wearing..."
I know....I know.....I have barrowed clothes from each of you!! :)
Let me just say this: "Thanks for sharing (even though many times there was no asking involved)." 

"All kinds of weather, we stick together.  The same in the rain and sun."
No matter what....we ALWAYS stick together.  Tough times and great times.....I'm thankful for each moment, because it is all in God's perfect plan.

"Four (Two) different faces, but in tight places, we think and we act as one."
I can't tell you how many times, I remember all of us "busting" out in a song that we all were reminded of-at the same time...or just knowing what eachother was thinking.  I do know this, though: we each are unique and quite different, still. 
That's what's sweeeeet! :)

"Those who've seen us, know that not a thing could come between us."
This is true and important to remember.  Nothing can ever come between us!!!
Let me encourage you be steadfast. Know that no matter what trials we face, what difficuties come into view, what wrongdoings we endure, ...."in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus."
Romans 8:37-39

Love you so much! xoxoxo

Lyrics from Irving Berlin "Sisters, Sisters"

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Jcpenney belt, top, & jeans (similar), Target sandals

So....I know it's been a few days since I said "hello," and shared life with ya! Please know that I have not forgotten that tomorrow is Friday already (I still can't believe it)! Let's just say it's been a very, very busy week.  But....not too busy for me to come back to my blog with a BANG!......RED PANTS PEOPLE!!!! Yes...I know this is bold of me...but spring flowers, cherry blossoms, and fresh air helped me put a little bounce in my step(or my closet....but that wouldn't make sense) let's carry on....for the weekend is so near, I can smell it!!! Happy night....  xo

Monday, May 14, 2012

Nervous for Firsts


Okay! I'm a little nervous and stoked at the same time! Why?  Well, you see,......this is my first post revealing what I wear, and secondly, Monday has come and that means James has his first Summer Softball game! Booyah (stoked.....but still nervous for him)!!! I know this may not be thrilling for you, but know that I am thrilled! :) .......and I hope your weekend was lovely and contained lots of time doing only what YOU think is lovely (& thrilling).  Now it's time to play ball!