Monday, May 7, 2012

While you were out...

So, remember I said husband would be gone this past weekend?! Well, I thought I would SURPRISE him! Yes!....let me tell you I either rock at a surprise or I can't wait to give a surprise, so I tell him early
Well, this time, I rocked it! My Saturday consisted of the following:

scooping you know what from the grass (from our pup Rainey),
mowing our whole yard,
raking our whole yard,
weeding the garden,
transforming my art studio into an office/music room,
swiffering & windexing (those words make cleaning more interesting), and........
husband was so proud! 

He asked if I had Rainey help with the garden?! I went to check and she must have had the urge to surprise the both of us!...Found her with dirty paws and some garden holes.  
Now, I just have to buy some flowers to fill 'em in!
Good Monday Morning to ya!


  1. Hey Tiffany! Thanks for following me- It was a good excuse to find another fun blog to read. I love your writing style and think you pretty much rock :)

    1. I'm new at this whole blogging jig..but soon, I hope to master the beginner step and move on up to....whatever comes next! :) thanks for stopping in! :)