Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Remembering: Memorial Weekend Trip...

Memorial Day was different for me, this year.  For me, it was a joy to spend time with family and catch up with dear friends.  Along with the joys, there was peace; time away from the normal "schedule-filled" life....a time to reflect and remember.  In March, my grandpa passed away after battling with lung cancer.  He was a family man: always bringing joy to gatherings and loving each of us.  Every Memorial Day, he would wear "red, white & blue" and go to the Memorial Day Parade.  This year, we had the chance to attend the parade and memorial service held to honor veterans, those currently serving our country, and those who served for our freedom and are no longer with us.  As they read grandpa's name, during the service, I thought about what freedom means to me.  Grandpa served for this country and knew the echo of freedom.  Not only did he understand freedom in this country and it's cost, he understood the meaning of freedom in Christ and the debt that was paid for him.  Even though he had cancer, he was free.  Christ's love is deep and free and I'm thankful that I know freedom in Christ.  So, when I think about being free, I think about the sacrifice others gave for my freedom in this country, and the ultimate sacrifice Christ gave for my freedom from sin.  I hope you know true freedom and deep, unconditional love.  God bless you.      

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