Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goodbye July. Hello Bacon.

I just CAN'T believe that today is the last day of July!  Summer is flying by, like it always does.  It is just remarkable.....I mean, I haven't even had time to make the easiest summer recipes.  So, to change things and to say goodbye to July and hello to August...let's say it together, "Hello Bacon!" {I know you said it, because you love it too}. 

Today, I am craving a good BLT: fresh lettuce, sweet tomatoes, delicious mayonnaise, and crispy BACON.  I came across this website and fell in love with the Teeny Tiny BLT's from The Tiny Food Party! recipe book.  This post and tonight's easy dinner plan is for the one who loves bacon the most...James!  Yup! It's what's for dinner over here!  Here's to easy summer sandwiches and August! 

P.S. I'll save a sandwich for you, too!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Good Morning. I have a twin.

  So, Friday night James and I went to the fair to help out at our church booth. James blew up balloons for the kids (or adults who really wanted one) and I face painted. It was really fun getting to hear sweet stories from kids of all ages. The crazy thing that happened, that I never expected, was when I met my twin. I said it....my TWIN!! Seriously{okay, not seriously}....but I mean it! If I had kept my curly hair in, instead of a braid to the side, we would have been identical.  Don't you think?!
  Her name is Shannon, and she was helping out at another booth at the fair. Her side profile actually kinda freaked me out, it was THAT similar...and we both were sporting the orange shirts. So, to start this week off......I'm amazed, and ready for any more surprises that come my way.  I just don't know if I could be a triplet...that may be too much to handle!!!  Happy Monday to ya!

Friday, July 27, 2012

I picked them just for you.

This is me wishing I could be at your door to give you a bunch of flowers.
Let's pretend I can do that, 'cause I picked them just for you!
Happy Friday and hope your week went well.
See you soon!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I did something crazy

So, last Saturday, I did something crazy...

My dear friend, LeAnn, and I wanted to swim.......SOOOO BAD!  You know the feeling you get when you are a kid and someone just told you that you get to go swimming!? Okay...maybe you didn't get too excited about a swim, but if someone just gave you a candy bar, or a popsicle, or $5?!  Those were things I got excited about, when I was like 7.  Anyways, the point is that I felt like a kid again......  I threw on my swimsuit, packed up the beach bag with sunblock for my fair skin, our polka dotted towels {thanks for the towels grandma, I really DO use them}, grabbed James some trunks, and was off!   I was so happy to jump in somewhere...ANYWHERE: a beach, a pool, I could have jumped through a sprinkler, for that matter.  This was at about 6:30 pm.  There were a few things the husbands needed to get done before we headed to the beach, but that was fine.  It wasn't going to take too long. 

We looked at the clock at about 10!!!.....and we still hadn't even got our feet wet! 
It was late.
It was dark.
LeAnn said it didn't matter.
We were going to go swimming, whether the sun was shining or not! 
So, we stopped by the local water hole and yes we did.............we jumped in! 
It was really dark, but we jumped off the small cliff into the pitch black abyss. 
Risky? Yes!  Exhilarating? Yes!!  Will I ever do it again? Probably not....IT WAS CRAZY!  But, will I always remember it? Absolutely! :) 
We love you friends!  Thanks for doing something crazy with us, and making memories.

P.S. What crazy thing have you done,that you will never forget?!

The Look

So, I woke up this morning to let Rainey outside, and she had the look. 
The look that she did something she knew she wasn't suppose to do. 
This happens every now and then....I mean, I understand she is still a pup. 
But, today, oh.......she chewed to pieces {and I mean PIECES} a pair of my stilettos.  Okay, I know they are horrible for my poor feet, but those were the only black heals one of my favorite black heals that I own.  Now those heals WERE one of my favorites. 
I know, I know!!  I shouldn't complain, seeing as I am blessed to have shoes to wear everyday, and options too. 
I've just come to think, though, that my hubby has been training her to do these things. 
Those two are working together....so mischievous they are!  We all know that James thinks I have too many shoes, and maybe he is right. 
We, also, know that a dog truly loves to chew.  So, they put together a plan and then...one-by-one a pair is destroyed. 

I have decided, if James and Rainey keep this thing up and I end up having no shoes in the whole house {that may take a while :) }
......I'm going barefoot!!  It will be just fine, right?!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stripes & Kleenex

top: thrifted (similar), jeans: jcpenney, sunglasses & sandals: target, purse: Gordman's, knecklace: gift

Well, hello Wednesday, and HELLO to all those who stop in!  I'm alive and almost well. 
You see, I've had a sinus infection.....not so fun! 
But, I've gone through some boxes of kleenex,
and feel ready to maybe tackle another box, and another week. 
It feels good to be back!


Friday, July 20, 2012


Wow: this week.  There was so much that went on. It is crazy what falls in our laps, as we live life.  Some things unexpected and somethings just plain old procrastinated.  Good news, bad news.  Celebrations and mourning.  All these things happened for me this week. 
And, though these things all came so fast, and sometimes with uncertainty, God knew what my week was going to look like.  He knew what I would do and not do {get done and not get done}.  He knew I would experience so many emotions, and HE was ALWAYS there. 
He is still here, helping me out and keeping me strong.  That is the love of Christ, and joy in my heart.  To think for a second, "What if I didn't have hope for today, tomorrow, forever...."  What if?!  I am just glad I can say that Christ is my Rock, my fortress when I'm weak.  This reminds me of a song by Kutless: Strong Tower,

"You are my strong tower
A shelter over me
Beautiful and mighty
Everlasting King
You are my strong tower
Fortress when I'm weak

Your name is true and holy
And Your face is all I see"

To start this weekend, I'm going to celebrate:

my freedom in Christ. 

my marriage, as we take some time for our anniversary {just the two of us}. 

friendships that I have and the people in my life that impact me the most: you know who you are! 

a wedding on Saturday, and photograph it too{it's going to be fine, right?!}! 

you the reader, for letting me spill out my heart some days, and reveal my personal style for no reason. 

I'm thankful, for reasons I have to celebrate! 

Celebrate life this weekend, and don't let anyone or anything take that away from you!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Three Years

Three years ago, an imperfect man married an imperfect woman.

They live. They learn. They always love.
How he loves is imperfect, and how she loves is imperfect. 
The person he loves, loves him back, and the person she loves, loves her back.

The best thing in our marriage, is that we DO love eachother.
{We ROCK together, I'm just saying!}

Seriously, though........I am so blessed, to have such a man that loves me for me.
He's a man I'm proud of.

Happy Anniversary James!
I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else....but you!

Loving you imperfectly,

xo    Tiff


There’s something about being an aunt. 
Last night, James and I had the opportunity to laugh, giggle, and make up stories with our niece and nephew.  We drew fancy pictures of all the things we could imagine, and it came out like this {see picture}.  Another picture, I will only remember in my mind, was when we were driving them home and seeing them there-sleeping and looking so precious.  Content with sleeping in car seats; their heads hunched over….and those chins, ahh, …love them!  It’s God’s way of showing you a glimpse of the kind of love you will never understand, until you have children of your own.  People with children say that often, and I get it, but not really, but I do know that it’s greater love….just to the best of my understanding, having never had a child of my own.  That means I really don’t know what that love is going to feel like, until I become a mom.  Someday, baby.  Someday, babies. Someday, I get to experience a love deeper than I can understand right now. 
How awesome it is to think about?!  The kind of love God has for me, His child, is the deepest love I know, and I still can’t grasp how deep THAT love is.  Unconditional.    

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last Friday Night...

Dress: Auction, Purse: Thrifted, Shoes: Target, Earrings: Gift {from husband}

Last Friday night, we had us a date night.  
A little drive, an Applebee's dinner, and some time together {no working on the house involved in this date night}.  
....I even put out some heals, but there was no dancing involved for this gal!  We really enjoyed ourselves, this weekend. 
Hope yours was swell, too. 
Happy Monday, to you friends!

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Rain

There something I love about rain.  Maybe it's the smell: fresh, clean, and light...or maybe it's the sound......starting with a single droplet, then another, and another, until it builds to a beautiful applause.  Then you hear a quick pause, a crack, and the loud drums of thunder. 
I just love it when it rains.  I love the window-lighted rooms, soft bedding for naps, and ever-so-amazed Rainey-who doesn't want to get soaked, but wants to watch the rain {her nose following the droplets as they run down the door's glass}. 
It's when time seems to slow down. 

As it rains here this weekend, I'm hoping my senses catch all of the rain---at it's grandest.
Bless you and your weekend.  May it be peaceful and refreshing {literally}. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tastes of Summer

These pictures represent just some of my favorite tastes for summer:
cherry tomatoes, home-grilled chicken, fresh greens, lemonade, and strawberries, of course. 
What are some of your favorite foods/drinks that bring out summer's flavor for you?

Please, leave a comment below and let me know, why don't ya!
I'm curious and always looking for great tastey ideas!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spent Some Green...

Purse: Gap, Sandals, Shades, & Dress: Target, Sweater: The Loft, Jewelry Set: Walmart

So......last night was date night.  You know, the type of night, where the two of us take time for each other.  Maybe some music, food, a lemonade,....even ICE CREAM.  Well, that didn't happen.  We ended up fixing the kitchen faucet.  Yup! James was trying to help by cleaning the dishes before I got home, but the sink didn't like it, so the sink peed on James!  It was like it said, "Leave me alone. I need a moment!"  I mean...the floor was covered in water, that reeked!  It reminded me of cleaning my fish tank, when I was younger. 
That smell....ugh!  Water even ran down the wall and into the basement, somehow....don't know how THAT happened, but it happened!

So, we headed to Lowe's.  The place we used to go on "free dates" before we had a home.  We would love going to point out all our favorites and express our dreams of the perfect front door, or shelving, or bathroom vanities.  Now, "free dates" at Lowe's don't happen anymore.  Now we go on "expensive non-dates" at Lowe's.  The kind where you thought that "green" was going into savings or maybe a nice dinner.  Instead, it is going towards that lovely, exquisite plumbing that we both never dreamed of wanting.  
Peeing sink no more, 'cause we spent the green!

The important thing, James and I must remember:  we were able to do this project together.
Next date night, we may be putting in a new toilet--the perfect seat for a relaxing evening, right?! 


There's something about having fresh flowers in the home.
Whether they are fresh from the farmer's maret, flower shop, or from a trip to the local grocery store, they always are inviting.  We didnt find any open farmer's markets, this past weekend, so we opted for the these at the local grocery store.  Aren't they beautiful, though?!  I
 can't afford fresh flowers, everyday, but every once and a while; it's a beautiful surprise! 

How about you?  Do you ever just buy yourself some flowers, just because you can!?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Family Time

This past weekend, James and I were so happy to have Grandma B, Mom, and Dad visit us.  The ladies had time to catch breakfast at Caribou, thrift sales, and antique shops.  Dad and James had some Caribou with some guys too {only when I say Caribou, I'm not talking about coffee for them...I'm talking about their special smoothies}!  The guys also slaved away on some things in the house, and even put in the A/C!!! That was the best gift, for the hot days we've been having.  Grandma surprised James and I with an early anniversary gift {I'll post this beauty soon}, and Mom & Dad gifted us a much needed item for cleaning up all the messes we love to make...a good ol' Shop Vac.  Thanks so, so much!

I don't think I cooked at all THE WHOLE WEEKEND!!!  Grandma made her special rice hot dish and coleslaw.  We laughed and had a good time, as always! I miss that time! But...I'm going to enjoy each time I'm given to spend with family. 
It's a gift! Thanks for a wonderful weekend.  We love you lots and lots! Can't wait to see you all again in August!

We hope your weekend was splendid, and sorry we missed each other yesterday. 
Sometimes, when you have a lovely, fun-filled weekend, you just enjoy some more down time!

Friday, July 6, 2012

that guy under the rock

Things I'm adoring about that guy under the rock:

1.  He calls me every morning, after he's left for work, to make sure I get up.  This morning he called to tell me not to use the cruise control, because the roads are wet and it could be dangerous.  Him calling me every morning, may seem like nothing, but it's so much!! It shows he cares about my safety {and he would really like me to make it to work on time}.  I just really appreciate that gesture, and "Husband...It doesn't go unnoticed." 

2.  We ordered pizza last night, and we made sure there were leftovers for lunch at work today.  There were three pieces left, and guess who took only 1?! James.  He left 2 pieces for me.  He sacrificed there, for sure!

3.  During the day, I had told him my neck hurt.  He still remembered 7 hours later, and gave me a neck massage....seriously, I had forgotten myself! What a man!

4.  The way he prays.  He means every word, and always lifts up the needs of others, over his needs. 

5.  As you can see in the picture, he kept that rock from crushing me, and THAT's amazing!

Love him so much. 

Okay,...enough of the mushy-gushy stuff. 
We are excited to be visited by more family this weekend and we are planning to make no plans.  Whatever that means. :) 
Have a RIDICULOUSLY, GREAT weekend all you people! :) 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth in Photos!

Five Words: Friends, Family, Food, Fun, Fireworks

Hope the Fourth and it's festivities were fantastic for you!
Two more days 'til the weekend, hooray!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This Past Weekend...

I have to say....this past weekend was fun!
Thanks so much, Emmy, James, and Asher (& baby-on-the-way....we can't wait to meet you).
Donut devouring, garage sale stopping, swimming, eating, movie watching, eating (did I say that already)...It's always wonderful spending time with you guys.  We can't wait to see you again, soon!
Love you so, so much!

And to everyone:  God Bless and have a safe and happy fourth of July. 
I'll see you after this wonderful, mid-week holiday.

Monday, July 2, 2012


SO NOT a normal portion size, but man this hit the spot last night!  
I mean, come on! Who doesn't like brownies and ice cream!? 

SO NOT a normal week: today's Monday, tomorrow's Friday (because Wednesday is a holiday).
Then, Thursday is a Monday, and Friday is a Friday.  Do you follow? 
I'm not sure if I follow myself, but I'm happy for a holiday this week.  Needed. Yes, needed.  :)