Thursday, July 26, 2012

I did something crazy

So, last Saturday, I did something crazy...

My dear friend, LeAnn, and I wanted to swim.......SOOOO BAD!  You know the feeling you get when you are a kid and someone just told you that you get to go swimming!? Okay...maybe you didn't get too excited about a swim, but if someone just gave you a candy bar, or a popsicle, or $5?!  Those were things I got excited about, when I was like 7.  Anyways, the point is that I felt like a kid again......  I threw on my swimsuit, packed up the beach bag with sunblock for my fair skin, our polka dotted towels {thanks for the towels grandma, I really DO use them}, grabbed James some trunks, and was off!   I was so happy to jump in somewhere...ANYWHERE: a beach, a pool, I could have jumped through a sprinkler, for that matter.  This was at about 6:30 pm.  There were a few things the husbands needed to get done before we headed to the beach, but that was fine.  It wasn't going to take too long. 

We looked at the clock at about 10!!!.....and we still hadn't even got our feet wet! 
It was late.
It was dark.
LeAnn said it didn't matter.
We were going to go swimming, whether the sun was shining or not! 
So, we stopped by the local water hole and yes we did.............we jumped in! 
It was really dark, but we jumped off the small cliff into the pitch black abyss. 
Risky? Yes!  Exhilarating? Yes!!  Will I ever do it again? Probably not....IT WAS CRAZY!  But, will I always remember it? Absolutely! :) 
We love you friends!  Thanks for doing something crazy with us, and making memories.

P.S. What crazy thing have you done,that you will never forget?!

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