Friday, July 13, 2012

The Rain

There something I love about rain.  Maybe it's the smell: fresh, clean, and light...or maybe it's the sound......starting with a single droplet, then another, and another, until it builds to a beautiful applause.  Then you hear a quick pause, a crack, and the loud drums of thunder. 
I just love it when it rains.  I love the window-lighted rooms, soft bedding for naps, and ever-so-amazed Rainey-who doesn't want to get soaked, but wants to watch the rain {her nose following the droplets as they run down the door's glass}. 
It's when time seems to slow down. 

As it rains here this weekend, I'm hoping my senses catch all of the rain---at it's grandest.
Bless you and your weekend.  May it be peaceful and refreshing {literally}. 

1 comment:

  1. It hasn't rained in NC for weeks and weeks. It finally did a few days ago and it was beautiful.