Wednesday, July 18, 2012


There’s something about being an aunt. 
Last night, James and I had the opportunity to laugh, giggle, and make up stories with our niece and nephew.  We drew fancy pictures of all the things we could imagine, and it came out like this {see picture}.  Another picture, I will only remember in my mind, was when we were driving them home and seeing them there-sleeping and looking so precious.  Content with sleeping in car seats; their heads hunched over….and those chins, ahh, …love them!  It’s God’s way of showing you a glimpse of the kind of love you will never understand, until you have children of your own.  People with children say that often, and I get it, but not really, but I do know that it’s greater love….just to the best of my understanding, having never had a child of my own.  That means I really don’t know what that love is going to feel like, until I become a mom.  Someday, baby.  Someday, babies. Someday, I get to experience a love deeper than I can understand right now. 
How awesome it is to think about?!  The kind of love God has for me, His child, is the deepest love I know, and I still can’t grasp how deep THAT love is.  Unconditional.    

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