Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spent Some Green...

Purse: Gap, Sandals, Shades, & Dress: Target, Sweater: The Loft, Jewelry Set: Walmart

So......last night was date night.  You know, the type of night, where the two of us take time for each other.  Maybe some music, food, a lemonade,....even ICE CREAM.  Well, that didn't happen.  We ended up fixing the kitchen faucet.  Yup! James was trying to help by cleaning the dishes before I got home, but the sink didn't like it, so the sink peed on James!  It was like it said, "Leave me alone. I need a moment!"  I mean...the floor was covered in water, that reeked!  It reminded me of cleaning my fish tank, when I was younger. 
That smell....ugh!  Water even ran down the wall and into the basement, somehow....don't know how THAT happened, but it happened!

So, we headed to Lowe's.  The place we used to go on "free dates" before we had a home.  We would love going to point out all our favorites and express our dreams of the perfect front door, or shelving, or bathroom vanities.  Now, "free dates" at Lowe's don't happen anymore.  Now we go on "expensive non-dates" at Lowe's.  The kind where you thought that "green" was going into savings or maybe a nice dinner.  Instead, it is going towards that lovely, exquisite plumbing that we both never dreamed of wanting.  
Peeing sink no more, 'cause we spent the green!

The important thing, James and I must remember:  we were able to do this project together.
Next date night, we may be putting in a new toilet--the perfect seat for a relaxing evening, right?! 

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