Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Look

So, I woke up this morning to let Rainey outside, and she had the look. 
The look that she did something she knew she wasn't suppose to do. 
This happens every now and then....I mean, I understand she is still a pup. 
But, today, oh.......she chewed to pieces {and I mean PIECES} a pair of my stilettos.  Okay, I know they are horrible for my poor feet, but those were the only black heals one of my favorite black heals that I own.  Now those heals WERE one of my favorites. 
I know, I know!!  I shouldn't complain, seeing as I am blessed to have shoes to wear everyday, and options too. 
I've just come to think, though, that my hubby has been training her to do these things. 
Those two are working mischievous they are!  We all know that James thinks I have too many shoes, and maybe he is right. 
We, also, know that a dog truly loves to chew.  So, they put together a plan and a pair is destroyed. 

I have decided, if James and Rainey keep this thing up and I end up having no shoes in the whole house {that may take a while :) }
......I'm going barefoot!!  It will be just fine, right?!

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