Friday, June 29, 2012



SO EXCITED!!!! My sister Emily and her husband JAMES (another James, but her James was welcomed into the family first), and their toddler ASHER are coming to have an awesome weekend with us...SO HAPPY & EXCITED!!!!!
Have an awesome weekend, from all of us over here! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Not Workout?

Always matter what.  Then, choose option 1, 2, or 3 and always choose option 4:

WALK                                                                                RUN     

 JUMP                                                                                 MAKE SURE SHOES ARE TIED

STOP or REPEAT.......Then STRETCH to finish your workout.

The point is to just move.  Like that one song says,
"I like to move it, move it...."

Party for 2

Thursday, dear Thursday.  How soon you have come...
What have we been up to over here?  Well, we've been painting...  Oh, which walls, you ask?
No walls over here...we've been painting the floor.  Yup, the FLOOR!!!  The part of a home that people normally leave unpainted.  You know, where you put carpet, laminant, tile, etc...  We couldn't decide...let alone afford any of those we picked up the paintbrush, brought out the rollers, and we had us a party!!!  It was a different party, for sure.  Our present to each other - a finished floor.  Our cake - left over noodles & sauce. What a party! :)

P.S. You know how parties have after parties with dancing and music.  Well, we had one.  Except our dancing was wiggling and jumping around trying to land on dry paint spots, so we could get upstairs and crash into bed.  James rocked my world with all his balancing and acrobating.  And our music was the sound of fans drying our beautiful, physically draining, but FINISHED project: one that we completed TOGETHER!    

P.S.S. James looks pretty good with a paintbrush!...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mom & Dad...

Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad: whose love for eachother is inspiring and real!
Love you both!
xo Tiff & James

Spoiled: Breakfast

So, I didn't have a spoiled breakfast, let me just explain....  Last week, James was home watching online seminars as part of his training for work.  Every morning, before classes, he got up and made us breakfast,.....EVERY MORNING! 
Yes, I admit I was a little spoiled.  Some days it was toast and jam, other days it was James' Special: Egg Breakfast Sandwich with Mayo.....I know what you may be thinking: Mayo?!  But, seriously.....the best breakfast for my sleepy eyes! 
It was so sweet to have breakfast everyday--made by the one you love. 

Okay, so now it's Monday, again.  This means, James is back to work in the office, and I'm back to not taking enough time to eat breakfast before I go to work.  How should I fix this?  I know, I know,......James can just stay home everyday, and I'll bring home the bacon!!! 
Yeah, right that would work?! 

My mom and dad always say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.   I mean, even our dog Rainey knows what's best for her.  So, I've made a decision: I have to eat breakfast!  Whether husband makes it or I do, it must be done!  Tomorrow, the "getting up earlier than normal" begins.  Otherwise, Rainey and I will be sharing that bowl...and let me tell you, we both CANNOT let THAT happen!   

Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

You can make plans, but...

James and I are realizing how busy we are.  We talk about plans for our future and what we think is best, sometimes without praying about what is best for right now--this very moment: being financially responsible, paying off school loans, having a family, fixing up the house, etc.... We think often, "Is this what we should do now?  How is this going to work?  Should we put our time into this thing, when we know this other thing needs our attention?  What next?"  Those thoughts are probably normal thoughts, of a normal couple or person, trying to figure out things.  But, I'm reminded, yet again, by scripture.  "God, what do YOU want us to do, right now--this very moment?  What is YOUR will, not ours?"  Ultimately, Proverbs 19:21 says it all.  Whatever plans we make or direction we go, the Lord's purpose WILL unfold before us....exactly in His will and His timing.  It's so cool to be reminded of that (to not let it consume our thoughts). 
This is something we must never forget: to pray according to His will, not our own....
and to stop thinking about tomorrow, and just let it come on its own.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What kind of guy?

Not that it matters to anyone else, but what kind of guy paints a wall, cuts up a watermelon,
and brews some homemade tea ALL before I get home?.......
My TEXAS-born babe!......He'll make sure it's sweet & iced, just how we like it. 
Darlin', you sure know what gets me! :)
Man, ..........I love you!

Monday, June 18, 2012

In a nutshell...

Necklace & Earrings: Hospital Gift Shop, Shirt: Sister B, Pants & Shoes

Our Sunday in a nutshell: 
Husband woke up with a migraine in the morning.
Went to our church and heard what God wanted us to was really good!
Walked to the golf course, to catch some "photastic" moments with our camera,
only to make the golfers think we were their paparazzi (I think they were TRYING to hit us)!
Went home for some lunch and talked about what we wanted for lunch,
but then talked a lot about other things, and never had lunch. This happens sometimes.
Went for a drive and found some roads we had never been on....and some we will never be on about potholes! :)
Sat outside, played catch with Rainey, and examined each other's toes.....
Went for supper at the local root beer stand with the Nelson clan...good food and conversation.
Got home and did some house stuff.
In bed by 10.....10, people!! That's good for us! :)

So that was our Sunday in a nutshell....a nutshell?....
I guess, the technical way to say that is:
"So that was our Sunday in a hard woody covering around the kernel of a nut."
I love it when things make sense, don't you!?
Happy Monday to ya!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Thanks for being an encourager and a motivator.
Thanks for always having time to listen and give wisdom.
Thanks for always reminding me to, "Keep pressing on. Keep your head in The Word."
Thanks for praying, many nights, at the end of my bed when I needed it most.
I appreciate you, dad, and can't tell you enough.
I soooooooooo wish I could be there this Father's Day, but I pray..................
"May the Lord watch over us while we are apart."
Genesis 31:49
xo Tiff

Friday, June 15, 2012

All we have to say over here is, "Happy Weekend!"
From the Nelsons to You

Thursday, June 14, 2012

"2 Year Old" Photoshoot

Exactly two years ago, these photos were taken.  They were almost a year after our wedding, but I thought it would be fun to wear the dress, take some photos, and use our camera we had bought.  It's crazy to think that James and I have been married for almost three years! I thought I loved him a lot then, but, man, I LOVE him now, more then ever. 
I'm sure I'll say the same thing, again, three years from now, but that's exciting to think about.

It's a pretty awesome thing--to get to know one person more each day, for the rest of your life.  Christ offers that to each of us, as well.  My personal relationship with the Lord is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me. 
The day I surrendered my life to Chirst, and the day I married James, were two of the best decisions I ever chose to make. 
I'm thankful I get to know love, how God intended it to be....true!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

12 Things...

Maxi Skirt: Target, Sunnies: Liz Claiborne,  Fedora Hat: similar, Belt & White Shirt: Thrifted

Since it is the 12th of June, I thought I'd tell you 12 things you may or may not know about me.  
Also, to let you know ahead of time, these things may or may not be valuable information to you. 
But that's okay....sometimes we need some "it doesn't matter" information from someone else, just because.... 
Another thing to note, these 12 things are random.  Here it goes:   

1. I love cheese: any kind, except that fake, spray-can cheese!  eew!
2. Sometimes, I fall up stairs ....yup, I said up stairs, not down.
3. My hair color is natural: never been dyed, highlighted, low lighted, mid lighted, wait a second.......mid lighted? oh, Tiffany...
4. Speaking of hair, I once chopped my long, "to the waist" hair to what they call a "mushroom" cut above the ears, ...aka: bowl cut....and no, there will not be evidence by proof of a photo, because that would just make things awkward, for you & me.
5. I LOVE painting....canvas, walls, furniture, my nails, really doesn't matter.
6. I swallowed a nickel when I was 3 years old, and so I used to tell people I was worth 5 cents....but James tries to tell me I'm priceless....(awe!...what a man)
7. I've never flown an airplane, or been a passenger, for that matter.
8. I used to be so in love with the color orange, I saved an empty box of Wheaties and an empty Cheetos bag for my collection.....don't worry, I got rid of both those and I no longer am a collector of orange things. But, I do still use the orange dust pan I got from my grandma when I was 12.  :)   
9. My favorite season is fall, probably 'cause I unknowingly still love the color of orange....on trees. 
10. I am a procrastinator, especially when it comes to doing the dishes.
11. I was a County Coroner once.....for a high school government camp, so I guess that's not legit. 
12. I smile, a lot...and have early wrinkles because of it, but I'm okay with that. that you know some "it doesn't matter" information about me,
don't tell anyone, .....or do.  It doesn't matter! :) Just smile!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Thumbs Up!

Old Navy Top & Bottoms, Danskin Shorts

"Thumbs up!"....because our weekend was splendid! 
Sammy's, Side Lake, and Sunday at the farm.
How was your weekend?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekend Wear...

a lot of blue
a little brown
it's the weekend
time to slooowww down

We are going to enjoy another warm weekend.
Blessings to you!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Black & White

Maxi Skirt: Target, Top: JCPenney

Let me forewarn you, my writing today is simple and for fun. 
There is nothing deep or scientific. Okay! Here it goes:

How about a funny joke for the day?
Okay, you say!?

Me: "What goes black and white, black and white, black and white?"

Someone else: "Your shirt?"

Me: "Acceptable answer.......but, the correct answer is: a penguin rolling down a hill."
(insert laugh here)

WOW......WOW.......W.       O.       W.
Grandma, I hope this joke makes you proud! :)

I don't know about you, but I'm thankful that tomorrow is Friday,
'cause this week seems to be affecting my jokes! :)

Our Rainey is 1 today!

So, seeing it is Rainey's birthday today, James and I thought we'd get her something new and fun to play with: a frisbee.  Well,.....we tried playing catch with her, but she wasn't too interested in that.  We left her alone for two minutes....SERIOUSLY two minutes, and that frisbee never had a chance.  Totally transformed into something broken and "garbageable"
....yup! I just made up that word.  Garbageable=chewed up & spit-out Vegetable for least, it rhymes!  
I guess it only takes 2 minutes, for this girl to throw away $5....
...oh man, she's going to be one expensive teenager! ;)
Rainey has made life crazy, lovely, and fun (sometimes all at the same time), and we love her!
Happy 1st Birthday to one silly pup!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Last Night...

Men walking their pups, a toddler eating popcorn in a stroller, and a porch swing...
These were all part of our Tuesday night!  Gotta love time with friends...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm walking on Sunshine....

Skirt: Gap, Top: Target, Jacket: Thrifted, Sunnies: JCPenney, Necklace: Don't Remember :)

"I'm walking on sunshine....whoah oh!"

Well, I'm actually walking on concrete, but I'm walking on the sunshine...that counts, right? 
"...and don't it feel good!"