Thursday, June 28, 2012

Party for 2

Thursday, dear Thursday.  How soon you have come...
What have we been up to over here?  Well, we've been painting...  Oh, which walls, you ask?
No walls over here...we've been painting the floor.  Yup, the FLOOR!!!  The part of a home that people normally leave unpainted.  You know, where you put carpet, laminant, tile, etc...  We couldn't decide...let alone afford any of those we picked up the paintbrush, brought out the rollers, and we had us a party!!!  It was a different party, for sure.  Our present to each other - a finished floor.  Our cake - left over noodles & sauce. What a party! :)

P.S. You know how parties have after parties with dancing and music.  Well, we had one.  Except our dancing was wiggling and jumping around trying to land on dry paint spots, so we could get upstairs and crash into bed.  James rocked my world with all his balancing and acrobating.  And our music was the sound of fans drying our beautiful, physically draining, but FINISHED project: one that we completed TOGETHER!    

P.S.S. James looks pretty good with a paintbrush!...


  1. I love it. I uh want to see pictures of the painted floor. Did you take before and afters and I want to know why no one decided to capture your moments of dry paint jumping on film?

    1. We totally forgot to take pictures....we always forget when we are in the middle of a project...shucks! :)