Monday, June 4, 2012

At THE STAND for some A&W Root Beer

When I was younger, we would take summer trips, as a family.  Some of my favorites were when we would go camping in Wisconsin.  I loved stopping at the local A&W Stand, as we left town, for some cheese curds, ice cream, and A&W Root Beer.  The summer tastes and smells were are always pleasing. 

Now, I know it is not quite summer, yet......but man, James and I were itching for some good summer tastes on Friday.  For all the good, healthy food we ate all week, we let our food guide fly out the window .....and I think it was worth it!  Oh, the smells of summer......I ordered some fried cheese curds, a corn dog, and a KING ROOT BEER!!  The glass was full to the rim and it was BIG!  James went for his normal choice: a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a KING ROOT BEER!!  Okay.....let me just say this, "It was good!"  Sometimes, a little bit of deep fried won't hurt, right?!  But, we weren't done there.  Of course, we HAD to wrap our meals up with some dessert: a twist cone for me and a chocolate malt for him.  It was delicious....
We hope your weekend went well....good morning Monday! :)

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