Monday, June 25, 2012

Spoiled: Breakfast

So, I didn't have a spoiled breakfast, let me just explain....  Last week, James was home watching online seminars as part of his training for work.  Every morning, before classes, he got up and made us breakfast,.....EVERY MORNING! 
Yes, I admit I was a little spoiled.  Some days it was toast and jam, other days it was James' Special: Egg Breakfast Sandwich with Mayo.....I know what you may be thinking: Mayo?!  But, seriously.....the best breakfast for my sleepy eyes! 
It was so sweet to have breakfast everyday--made by the one you love. 

Okay, so now it's Monday, again.  This means, James is back to work in the office, and I'm back to not taking enough time to eat breakfast before I go to work.  How should I fix this?  I know, I know,......James can just stay home everyday, and I'll bring home the bacon!!! 
Yeah, right that would work?! 

My mom and dad always say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.   I mean, even our dog Rainey knows what's best for her.  So, I've made a decision: I have to eat breakfast!  Whether husband makes it or I do, it must be done!  Tomorrow, the "getting up earlier than normal" begins.  Otherwise, Rainey and I will be sharing that bowl...and let me tell you, we both CANNOT let THAT happen!   

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