Monday, June 18, 2012

In a nutshell...

Necklace & Earrings: Hospital Gift Shop, Shirt: Sister B, Pants & Shoes

Our Sunday in a nutshell: 
Husband woke up with a migraine in the morning.
Went to our church and heard what God wanted us to was really good!
Walked to the golf course, to catch some "photastic" moments with our camera,
only to make the golfers think we were their paparazzi (I think they were TRYING to hit us)!
Went home for some lunch and talked about what we wanted for lunch,
but then talked a lot about other things, and never had lunch. This happens sometimes.
Went for a drive and found some roads we had never been on....and some we will never be on about potholes! :)
Sat outside, played catch with Rainey, and examined each other's toes.....
Went for supper at the local root beer stand with the Nelson clan...good food and conversation.
Got home and did some house stuff.
In bed by 10.....10, people!! That's good for us! :)

So that was our Sunday in a nutshell....a nutshell?....
I guess, the technical way to say that is:
"So that was our Sunday in a hard woody covering around the kernel of a nut."
I love it when things make sense, don't you!?
Happy Monday to ya!

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