Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our Rainey is 1 today!

So, seeing it is Rainey's birthday today, James and I thought we'd get her something new and fun to play with: a frisbee.  Well,.....we tried playing catch with her, but she wasn't too interested in that.  We left her alone for two minutes....SERIOUSLY two minutes, and that frisbee never had a chance.  Totally transformed into something broken and "garbageable"
....yup! I just made up that word.  Garbageable=chewed up & spit-out Vegetable for least, it rhymes!  
I guess it only takes 2 minutes, for this girl to throw away $5....
...oh man, she's going to be one expensive teenager! ;)
Rainey has made life crazy, lovely, and fun (sometimes all at the same time), and we love her!
Happy 1st Birthday to one silly pup!

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