Monday, September 24, 2012

Here we go!

We are headed to Las Vegas this week, as part of a work trip for my job.  James and I had been busy over here this last week, with all the packing, cleaning, and I appologize for the light posting!  There will be little time for me to write and share pictures this week, as we will be enjoying the sights and lights of Las Vegas.....but I will be back with pictures from our trip.....I hope you enjoy! Blessings on your week! :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gotta love frost...

Earrings from Husband, Herberger's sweater dress, Thrifted belt, Target Shirt, American Eagle Flats

This morning, there was a nice covering of frost on the grass, the trees, and of course, my car.  Husband called to wake me, as he does every morning {love that guy}, and he reminded me to start my car early, because of how cold it was.   I carried on with my morning as usual, taking my time because I had actually been awake for some time before husband had called {proud-I'm sure he was}.  Casually, I took my time.....until I looked at the clock. It was time to leave.  Guess what I forgot to do????!!!!.....start my car {proud-I'm SURE he WASN'T}.  I grabbed my things, said good-bye to Rainey, and bolted to the car!

It was then that I realized I wasn't going to find the ice scraper in time to scrape off the frost from all my windows!  So, I did what every other normal human being would do in this situation: roll down all the windows and crank the heater {which felt like the air conditioner, at the time}!!  This was truly wonderful.  I'm sure it confused people as I was stopped at the stop light: windows down and blowing hot air into my hands trying to stay warm.  I'm sure they thought, "Roll up your windows silly, crazy, windblown hair lady!"  Let me tell you this, I'm just glad my hair was dry this morning, because I can't imagine what windblown, icicle hair would have looked like at the office?  I'm sure it would be a lovely trend, don't you think?  Maybe, I will try that tomorrow. Or maybe I will just make husband proud and start my car early! Decisions......decisions. :) 

Little By Little

photo via facebook
My dear sister Emily and my brother-in-law James welcomed their second boy into their family, this past Saturday morning. 
Little Clayton you are precious!  I haven't seen you in person yet, but let me tell you......
when I get to, I am going to hold you and smother you with an Aunt's love.....
I love seeing how life changes.  I remember when my sisters and I were kids.  You never quite understand how growing up comes so fast.  The change can be scary until you see new life and new love in a family and that makes me excited about growing more....
in my marriage, in building a family someday, in letting life carry on and not being scared of change. 
God and my family are helping me embrace that idea more and more....little by little.
"Little by little
I'm changing, I'm growing
Little by little
I hope that it's showing
I'm not who I'll be
I'm not who I was
I'm somewhere in the middle
God is changing me
little by little"
Simple Grace "Little By Little"

Monday, September 17, 2012

As of late

As of late, this is what our dinnertime has been looking like.  Some San Pellegrino, some ice cream with raspberries, and Sudoku.  James bought me this game for my birthday 3 years ago and, honestly, I have never played it! Crazy?! Yes.  So....James pulled it out of our stack of games and we have been playing it during our dinner and dessert.  It allows us to do something together that is relaxing and fun. 
We have been quite busy over here lately, and I look forward to these type of moments with the man God knew would make me happy. 
Love this guy!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Here comes the fur!

Herberger's boots, Maurices denim, Old Navy sweater, Fur from an old coat, James' duffel
The Fur.......{don't worry, it's fake}.
The smile is real, though!  I love this time of is cool and crisp outside. Ahh! I can't get enough!
Watch out everyone 'cause here comes the fur!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little Hands

When I was looking through my photos, I came across this one of my nephew Asher. His little hands.  These little hands I love to see. 
They are soft and small and have touched toys, faces, and anything within their reach.  These hands will touch more than that. 
These little hands and the boy they belong to will "touch" the world--impact the world. 
Sometimes we can forget about how OUR hands {our bodies, our voice, who we are} will make a mark on the world we live in.  Every person makes a mark.  You and I don't have to be a certain age before that happens.  You and I don't have to fit a certain criteria before all our actions start to effect things, people, this world.  You and I are always effecting our surroundings, by the way we live and the choices we make.  This thought may be common sense.  But, it struck me differently and in a new way this morning. 
I love being reminded by some of the smallest things in life: little hands. 
P.S. Little baby in Em's belly........I can't wait to meet you soon. 
Your little hands will impact so many people and you will expand the meaning of love.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall is so close

Charlotte Russe jeans, Target sweater, Target Missoni shirt, Kohl's boots
Hey there, friend! Fall is un-officially here so bring out your boots and sweaters.
Yesterday, I wore mine and it felt SOOOO GOOOOD!
Happy Monday to you and yours!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Sometimes, you just HAVE to be silly!
(no permission required)
From me to you...have a goofy weekend! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dear date night.

Target dress & wedges, Park Lane "Shell-Icious" necklace
( I think I can't get over these wedges.  I wear them ALL. THE. TIME.....thanks Target! It's all your fault. 
Also, please note.......I really didn't walk Rainey in this dress and these wedges.  I'm sure people would start to stare and we just don't want that, now do we!?)
Dear date night. Please come soon. I would love to have some time with husband that does not include fixing up the house or running to Lowe's.  Don't get me wrong....I LOVE doing house projects with him!  I just secretly enjoy dressing up every once and a while and eating at a restaurant, instead of wearing "meee grubbies" and grabbing a quick bite in between patching this and moving that.  I'm counting on you date night....come over here and happen sooner than later.  Until then, we be hammering nails and fixin' things! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'm thankful

Today I have.
Tomorrow I may not.
I'm thankful for today.
To breathe. To live. To love. 
To hear you breathe. To see you live. To feel your love. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LABOR Day Weekend

Target tank & wedges, J.Crew crop pants (similar & on sale), Menards sunnies (similar)
Labor Day Weekend = Labor Filled Weekend remember what I said here about working on our home.  Well, we got caught up this weekend on some "much needed to be finished" projects.  We mowed lawn, hung lattice, took down the previous owners Dish, caulked gutters, rewired out internet connection and filled in some holes in the walls & yard.  This all needed to be done before Fall we took advantage of the long weekend, went to Lowe's, and got it all done!
Of course, there was time for games and fun too!  I hope your weekend was SPLENDID...and YAY for a short work week! :) Happy Tuesday!