Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Little By Little

photo via facebook
My dear sister Emily and my brother-in-law James welcomed their second boy into their family, this past Saturday morning. 
Little Clayton you are precious!  I haven't seen you in person yet, but let me tell you......
when I get to, I am going to hold you and smother you with an Aunt's love.....
I love seeing how life changes.  I remember when my sisters and I were kids.  You never quite understand how growing up comes so fast.  The change can be scary until you see new life and new love in a family and that makes me excited about growing more....
in my marriage, in building a family someday, in letting life carry on and not being scared of change. 
God and my family are helping me embrace that idea more and more....little by little.
"Little by little
I'm changing, I'm growing
Little by little
I hope that it's showing
I'm not who I'll be
I'm not who I was
I'm somewhere in the middle
God is changing me
little by little"
Simple Grace "Little By Little"

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