Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gotta love frost...

Earrings from Husband, Herberger's sweater dress, Thrifted belt, Target Shirt, American Eagle Flats

This morning, there was a nice covering of frost on the grass, the trees, and of course, my car.  Husband called to wake me, as he does every morning {love that guy}, and he reminded me to start my car early, because of how cold it was.   I carried on with my morning as usual, taking my time because I had actually been awake for some time before husband had called {proud-I'm sure he was}.  Casually, I took my time.....until I looked at the clock. It was time to leave.  Guess what I forgot to do????!!!!.....start my car {proud-I'm SURE he WASN'T}.  I grabbed my things, said good-bye to Rainey, and bolted to the car!

It was then that I realized I wasn't going to find the ice scraper in time to scrape off the frost from all my windows!  So, I did what every other normal human being would do in this situation: roll down all the windows and crank the heater {which felt like the air conditioner, at the time}!!  This was truly wonderful.  I'm sure it confused people as I was stopped at the stop light: windows down and blowing hot air into my hands trying to stay warm.  I'm sure they thought, "Roll up your windows silly, crazy, windblown hair lady!"  Let me tell you this, I'm just glad my hair was dry this morning, because I can't imagine what windblown, icicle hair would have looked like at the office?  I'm sure it would be a lovely trend, don't you think?  Maybe, I will try that tomorrow. Or maybe I will just make husband proud and start my car early! Decisions......decisions. :) 

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