Friday, August 24, 2012

Home Sweet Home

James and I love our home.  LOVE our home {and I think Rainey does, too}!
We both have come from our homes that we grew up in, and now have our own place.  It is really exciting for us to make this place our own.  We have painted, torn down walls, ripped up carpet, name it!  It is coming together, but we both know that we don't have to rush it.  We are realizing that projects will ALWAYS be there, and things will always break and need to be replaced. 
What's important to us is that we look at what we have and know that it IS enough. 
We also know that what we own is not what makes us who we are.
We are a family.  We are eachother's love.  We have a faithful God who never changes...who IS all we both shall ever need!
He has blessed us with a home that we can call our own.  I am thankful for blessings like that.  What are you thankful for? 
This weekend, James and I get to go back to the home I spent much time growing up in.  We get to spend time with family, and even get to sing at a Bluegrass/Gospel Family Festival!  Sing! Yes!...We all sing and play instruments {and totally love it, by the way}! 
It's going to be just like the "old days" and we are quite excited! we come!   

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