Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Converse Kicks, Banana Republic Cropped Pants, Target Sweater & Sunglasses, American Eagle T-Shirt

I know I've talked about loving summer days, but I love summer for evening walks and popsicles!  Last night, I was kinda sad though. 
You see...we only had one more tangerine popsicle left!!  Crisis!!.......Well, maybe not.  But, I sure do like my popsicles.  I offered the last one to James, being the good wife I am.  But, he was so sweet and declined...and said I could have it! He's the better husband.  That's when I looked further into the freezer to find a whole box of Sour Patch Kids Popsicles! James' favorite!  Duh! Of course he didn't want my all natural, no sugar added, fruit on a stick.  He'd rather go for the sugar-packed, artificial color, with a hint of cavity. 
I should have known.


  1. loving the boyfriend jeans lady! actually, i'm pretty much in love with your whole look.

  2. Sour patch popsicles??? I learn something new every day!!

    Love those jeans.

    1. I know!...I found them and then James loved them. :)