Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1 scarf. 2 ways.

As fall is approaching, I have been eyeing my scarves in the closet.  I have always thought it was easy and fun to just throw a scarf on, wether with a T-shirt and jeans or a simple dress and heals.  I have quite a few: different colors and patterns.  My favorite, though, is my yellow-green and white one.  It seems it always works well, no matter what the season.  

First, why not try using a scarf for a skirt wrap. It is so easy! Just grab a scarf and wrap it around your waist. Then use a safety pin to keep it securely on your body. Trust me when I say use a one needs to see you walking and the skirt falling. 
Remember: safety pin = no embarassing moments! :)
 Another easy and simple way to use your scarf is to accessorize.  Add it to a simple chambray shirt and cutoff jeans for summer. 
Just grab and go! Wrap it around your neck or even tie your scarf into a fancy knot. There are so many ways to even braid your scarf!  
Go ahead and try a different braid each time you wear your scarf.
There, of course, are more ways to wear scarves.  Someday, I may even get the chance to use a scarf as a baby carrying wrap!  Please note that I don't have a baby, so therefore no picture was taken showing this type of scarf usage! :) 
If you want to see what I mean, check here.  Also, here they have the true baby carrier...
...but, we aren't talking about babies on this post.  Another time. Another time.

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