Monday, August 13, 2012

Home Made Candies

The post title is not to mislead you, at all.  There were definitely home made candies, but they were not being made in our home {oh, and that ice cream I talked about making from Friday's post....didn't happen}. 
We went to Canelake's Home Made Candies, instead!   
Best. Decision. Ever.
The selection.....oh, the selection.

I couldn't pass up some of the trouffles you see above, so I picked Coffee and Amaretto.  They were totally worth the drive. 
And the atmosphere and black & white photos were the cherry on top.

 We stepped out the door with those trouffles, some fudge, sour candies, & Fun Dip in hand.

So, if you want to come visit us, here in northern Minnesota, we know which candy shop will be in your itinerary. 
Say......if the bake shop was still open {one block down}, we would have been there too!  Maybe next time! 
Hooray for sweets and treats! 


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