Friday, August 3, 2012

Last Minute Adventures

American Eagle shirt, Target wedges, Liz Claiborne sunnies, Thrifted pants
Yay! It is the weekend and this is something each of us look forward to.  I mean, I love my job, but I LOVE weekends more! Everyone can agree that weekends are gifts from heaven, especially in the summer: beach time, picnics, bicycling,
or maybe even catching up on laundry or dishes. 

Over here, we have NO LAUNDRY to do, because we just folded and washed 8 or 10 loads last night.  We couldn't wait for the weekend to do it, because we won't be around! That's right!  Weekends are also made for short trips that are last minute, because plans changed and we aren't camping anymore.  Instead, James and I {even Rainey} are taking a five hour drive to see our friends who we haven't seen in a year.  We haven't even been able to see their new babe, who is not so new anymore.  We are SOOOO excited!!! 

I love last minute adventures!  I just hope Rainey likes a last minute adventure, too {because this will be her first long trip in a car}.  I'm sure it will be okay.  We may need to stop more, but we don't mind waysides or gas station pit stops.  They provide us with drinks and food that require no dishes to be dirtied {if that is a word}.  That reminds me.....DISHES....we didn't do dishes!!!

Oh well....too bad.  Weekend catch ups can {and will} be pushed off 'til Monday, right?!  We got some adventures to do!


  1. And over here, I have SO much laundry to do. Ahhh!!! Good for you for getting it done early.

    You are too adorable!! How do you edit your photos? I love them!

    1. I never get around to editing anything in my Photoshop CS4, I wish I had time. :)
      But, adding words is easy in Paint! :) Secret is out. ;)

  2. OOO - love those wedges! That necklace is super cute, too!

    1. Why thank you Kristal. Loving your blog.