Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday at The Nelson Farm

There's just something about spending a Sunday afternoon at The Nelson Farm. 
We love a summer day under the sun and eating a home cooked meal: meatballs & gravy, garden green beans,
mashed potatoes with dill, and Grandma Emilee's famous peach cobbler { AH-MAZING }. 
There was no time to take pictures of the food, because...well, we all kind of couldn't help ourselves and dig in {if you know what I mean}!  There was time after lunch to rest, visit, and catch some photos of little one's having fun.....and the scenery---beautiful scenery! 
I hope you enjoy the views and I sure do hope you haven't drooled all over your keyboard, thinking about Emilee's peach cobbler! was AH-MAZING {like I said}.
No....I'm sorry, but there is none left.

Happy Monday to ya'll!


  1. Wow.. I'd LOVE to spend a day here, it looks beautiful! Peach cobbler is so nice too, I want some now you've mentioned it lol.

    Gorgeous photos xx

    1. Trust me it was SO good! :) And thanks for stopping by!

  2. Yumm.myy. sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon.