Thursday, March 21, 2013


Target Sunnies, Purse: Guess Outlet, Silk Blouse, Skinny Jeans, & Boots: thrifted
Dear Spring,
I know you arrived yesterday and I forgot to tell everyone the great news!  "EVERYONE!! GREAT NEWS!!! SPRING IS HERE!!!!" 
But seriously, Spring....I'm not feeling you. HOLD UP!  Don' t take that the wrong way!!! 
LITERALLY, I am not feeling you!  We just had snow on Monday & Tuesday and the temps are still below freezing! 
How I would love to feel the real you:
pink blossoms instead of bare trees...because those trees are tired of being naked, 
rain showers instead of snow storms ...because I would just really like to trade my shovel in for an umbrella,
soft, fresh, green grass instead of ice rinks in my yard...
James and I have bruises to prove we just can't skate gracefully to the cars in our driveway anymore,
This is NOT me complaining, just wanting to feel and know the real you, Spring!
So, come on!  Open up and spill your pink, sweet, fresh, & delicious GUTS out!

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