Thursday, March 28, 2013

A little home PINspiration: the frames

James and I are in the middle of de-cluttering, rearranging and re-purposing....and it is probably because of the Spring cleaning itch we tend to get around this time of year.  Our basement is slowing transforming from a cement, cold dungeon into usable family & friend space.  Through our endeavours, we came across a pile of frames. is not like we JUST found them because James has been trying to convince me get rid of them over the last 2 years!!
I am stubborn though and they have been sitting in a stack for quite some time. 
It is not like I don't have a use for them, because I really do have such an awesome idea!  Let me tell you about it!!!  So, my dream is someone who I know.....will be getting married...and then they will be having a beautiful rustic wedding in the summer/fall....and then they are going to ask me to help decorate their wedding.....and then they are going to want me to hang beat up beautiful frames from trees like what you see below:
So!!?? What do YOU think?  OK!...You're right!...It's a crazy "out there" dream of mine.
I should just get over it already, because James is right when he says, "Babe.  I am sorry but we have to be realistic here and the chance of that happening is slim to none."
He totally has a point by explaining how I have not done anything with them already and there is no use hoarding them.  Out the door they go then............HOLD UP!!  I'm not giving in that easily!  I will just find another way to use these frames and then I will prove my creativity to the world!! "ahem".... as I was saying....I will find an idea that IS realistic in using my frames.  Pinterest has helped me find some uses for those old frames of mine.  How about....
Help! I can't decide what to do!
Which one would you do!?

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