Monday, March 11, 2013

which way for today?

Sweater: Silent Auction, Tee & Mustard Skinnies: Target, Ankle Boots: Herbergers

I must admit that this sweater has been sitting in my closet since....I don't know....January!! 
It is currently March and JUST NOW I bring it out to the cold Minnesota winter?!  Sweater meet world.  World meet Sweater.  Do you like?

The cool thing about this sweater is that you can wear it inside out and no one would even know it....unless of course they read this one blog called tisfortiffany and then the secret would be out.  But we don't need to broadcast that now do we?

I really like the snowflake/dots/first-aid cross pattern that is all over it!  Very wintery if I can say so. 
Maybe I will wear it more next the way...I'm not in a big hurry for next winter at all!
Spring you are so close and I am excited to see you!
Now sweater...which way should I wear you today?



  1. Give me this sweater!!! I'll send you my address :-)

    No, but seriously...silent auction? is that a store or like, a real silent auction?

    1. Ha! :) I LOVE IT!! it was a real silent auction too...which makes it even better!