Monday, March 4, 2013

A little project.

WOW! Hey! I am back after I had some good time to catch up on some other things that needed my attention.  Sometimes it is good to just focus on some different things that spark some more creativity deep down inside ya!  I have been busy painting...but not painting canvases (like I wish I could have time to do!).  Instead, I have been painting baby shower invites.  Yup! If I could hand paint invitations every day for fun, I would in a heart beat!  So come on people, have birthdays, get engaged, get married, have babies........just so I can hand paint my way to craziness! Okay I may already be there, but just in case you want to see what I painted......take a look: 

So excited for Ashley and her husband Brad! 
Little Isabella may you be healthy and excited to meet you soon!
And.....I. AM. BACK!
How I have missed sharing here.
Happy 1st Monday of March friends and family!

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