Monday, March 25, 2013


Hat: Target, Floral Sweatshirt: Charlotte Russe (old), Boots: Herberger's (old), Black Button-Up & Jeans: Thrifted

The snow came yet another day into Spring...but these flowers finally came into bloom!!!  :)

You know when you see something over and over in your closet, but you just pass it by 86 times and think "not today?"  
But then it hits you!  If you don't wear it that 87th time you pass it by, you may NEVER wear it!  
NEVER is a long time and I'm pretty sure that passing an item 86 times pretty much means I NEVER WEAR IT!!  
I spent 4 dollars on this sweatshirt just because it was a good deal.  
I figured wear it now or throw, here I am FINALLY wearing my flowers! 
Besides, this Spring is in dire need of some blossoms, don't you think so?! 

But if there is anything I can take away from this, let it be...
#1. Good deals don't always mean "hey, bring this bad boy home because you will wear it All. The. Time." 
...because I am pretty sure that didn't happen in this case.
#2. If there is anything you pass over 86 times and haven't worn it yet, just throw it on or Throw. It. Out.
 ...or into a bag of clothes that you share with your sisters. ;)

Happy Monday, dear friends!

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