Tuesday, May 7, 2013

hide and seek and "inside voices, please"

Tommy Hilfiger sweater
Walmart silver scarf & pink scarf
Target skinny jeans
Target suede wedges
jewelry...I can't remember :)
The other day, we decided to take a little trip to the library.  I had a book title on my mind and just dreamed of being able to read it front cover to back. (Ha!  Like that was going to happen!!  It was the thought though, and why not try, right?!) 
Going to the library has always been in good memories from my childhood.  I remember being a part of the book club in the summer and winter reading programs and having time to play in the “kids area” while mom and dad searched for their current read.  We would get lost in play while mom looked up sewing books or dad searched for VHS’s (not DVD's) our family would watch on Friday nights (I really miss those Friday nights).  I do remember getting lost in the library a few times, though…just because my sisters and I would play hide and seek.  Do you know the difficult thing about hide & seek in the library is you can’t yell, “Found ya!”…you have to use inside voices and whisper.  So, if one of us was still hiding, it would be difficult to yell, “Come out, come out, wherever you are!”  We would just end up getting “lost” for a little time.  J  My hometown library is much larger than Hibbing’s library, so hiding and seeking now at my age would be much harder to play here because there aren’t too many places to get lost.  Plus, if you wear the brightest pink sweater you own while you are trying to hide, …let’s just say you will lose, you will be noticed, and it doesn’t matter if you are whispering or not! ;)

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  1. oooooooh, cute outfit!!! love this! super flattering!