Thursday, May 23, 2013

the new "business casual"

Sunglasses: Target, Blazer: thrifted, Tank: Walmart, Necklace: thrifted, Distressed Boyfriend Jeans: Aeropostale (waaaay old), Purse: Guess (thrifted), Wedges: Target
Ok.  So what do you think of the new "business casual" look I am going for?  I saw online the other day where you can buy a brand new pair of jeans that are bleached, ripped, and "oil stained"....for only $300 dollars!!!!  CRAZY expensive.....and that's how they came - brand new!? I thought to myself....hmm, I am pretty sure I have a pair like that at home up in my closet labeled "work jeans" for when I work to the point of smelling like dirt, grass, oil, oh yeah!  Distressed boyfriend jeans that actually have real, permanent oil stains in them!  Just so you know and because I am an honest is TRUE!  I changed the oil in my car in these pants...and now I am struttin' around in them with some high wedges and a cute, business blazer.....'cause this is IN people!? ;)  Next thing you know,
I am going to be wearing shop gloves with this ensemble as another accessory for these hands. 
10 years from now, I may look back and say, "What was I thinking?" 
But, for now I just want to try something new...or get the point! ;)

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