Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Better Boxed Brownies

Greek yogurt is super good for you.  IT has probiotics, calcium, and a good protein/calorie ratio.  Who knew that substituting it in your brownies recipe could even work, though?  I didn't?  But as of late, I have seen many things on Pinterest that include
Greek yogurt as a better alternative in baking, cooking, ......and snacking of course! 
Brownies, on the other hand, are not nutritious, at all.  But, you and I love 'em anyways so why not feel a little less guilty about having some every now and then.  Homemade brownies from scratch are the best...and I mean the best!! But, if time is short and you want a quick sweet fix, this is a great way to make healthier boxed brownies.  I went with the frosted brownies this time and a glad I did! :)
All you have to do is make brownies according to directions except
replace the oil with 1 cup Greek yogurt.  That's IT!
The brownies turn out to be more moist than I thought and they were still soft days after I made them. 
Unbelievable..and QUITE unbelievable that they lasted for a few days! ha!
MMM, MMM, Good!
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