Monday, May 13, 2013

...she WILL move mountains.

Yesterday, we celebrated Mom, not just because she was a mother, but because it was also her birthday. 
This quote is exactly how I feel about my mom. 
"Let her sleep.  For when she wakes, she will move mountains." 
Of course this was spoken from the mouth of Napolean first, as he was referencing China,
but it has different meaning for me in reference to my mom.
The strength of her love and compassion is great and irreplaceable.  Many times I can remember how Mom just got it done! But, I know there were times when she needed that rest to awake refreshed to tackle the next day as a mother of four + working full time.  Of all the time she has put into her daughters, not once did I hear her ever complain about not having enough time for herself.  When she encountered difficulty, she pulled through.  When she was at her limit, she went above and beyond that limit.  How?  Not by her own strength, but through the strength of the Lord within her.  I didn't quite understand that until I found my own faith and strength in the Lord.  
She shared with me recently the verse Matthew 17:20 that says, "...I tell you the truth, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you can tell that mountain to move from here to there, and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible to you."  We talked about how we think about this verse and how often it is used concerning emotional we battle with fear, anxiety, self esteem issues, etc...  Those are real battles and mountains that we face, but why don't we speak this concerning even greater pysical battles in our lives?  What if there was 
A MOUNTAIN that we needed moved...would moving it be possible?  Would we have enough faith to move it?!  According to God, nothing is impossible through Him, whatever that mountain is in our life: big or small...real battles, real mountains, and things that seem totally impossible in our understanding of them.  They ARE possible to move - to overcome - as we trust and have greater faith in the Lord.  If we have a mountain in our path, can we not speak to it, "MOVE!....'cause I have faith in the Lord to do it for me!!" 
My mom has faith and strength in the Lord to move mountains. 
I, myself, trust and believe that the Lord can move ANY obstacle in my life. 
I pray that you will have that kind of faith, greater than the faith you had yesterday, to conquer the mountains in your life. 
No matter how big they seem, remember all things ARE possible for He is greater!
Mom, you are an inspiration in faith, in your example, and in love.
I pray you find rest that you need today, so you can continue to move those mountains!!
Great love for you,

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