Monday, October 1, 2012

Flannel Five: Outfit 1

Hello and welcome're here {huge grin on this face}!!  Hey there to YOU the reader, too! So glad to be home from our trip and sleeping in our own bed....even though the hotel bed was AAHHH-mazingly comfortable!
The whole trip it was wonderful....much thanks to an incredibly generous boss.
By the way, you may be bombarded with trip photos soon.  I do hope that's okay!!!
So, that I'm back and Fall is here, I'd like to show you my FLANNEL FIVE!!! You may be wondering what I mean?! 
Let me explain...........Flannel Five will illustrate five ways to wear different pieces of flannel from your closet.  
I sure do hope you enjoy the looks and I hope it encourages you to bring out YOUR flannel this Fall!  
Flannel Five
Outfit 1: At the Office
Whoever said that flannel couldn't be worn at the office?!  Pairing a nicely-tied flannel shirt with a dressy pencil skirt and neutral heals makes for a great dress-casual option.  It is perfect in the office as we transition between A/C and sometime in fall when our heater gets turned on.  I accessorized with pearls to match the shirt's pearl buttons, but you can always throw on a bracelet or necklace. 
Think comfortable and classy, for this option.   So, I say yes to flannel in the office, how about you?!


  1. Cute! I never thought about pairing a flannel shirt with a skirt for business casual...I love the way you tied the ends into a bow in the front, makes it extra feminine :)

  2. I am loving you in this flannel!!!

    I always love coming home to my own bed as well. Nothing better!

    PS. Did you know your email isn't linked up to your blog? So when you comment on mine, I can't email you back.