Thursday, October 18, 2012

Posing for Patterns

The following pose is for you to see the funky pattern on my cool sweater!  Sweet, huh?!
Target Skirt, Long-Sleeve TShirt, and Flats, Herberger's Sweater 
So, I admit that sometimes I pose in silly stances and positions when James is taking some outfit photos.  It looks way better in my head when I'M picturing it, but when I see the photos afterwards I realize the reasoning behind the looks I get from James.  You know, "the one eyebrow up" look.....or sometimes I pose so awkwardly that I get "the two eyebrows up," like I got in the first photo of this post.  I just really wanted to show you all the pretty pattern on my sweater, seriously..I even said that right before James caught it on the camera. 
I'm pretty sure there are words for these type of poses...
James will say kind words like "that's unique"...."cute".....or my favorite: "you're crazy..........beautiful." 
What he really is trying to say, I guess I may never know. 
One thing I do know is that he IS proud to call me his, I can see it in his eyebrows!  

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