Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Socks Off's gettin' a little chilly out these days.....
It's getting cold enough where I may have to start wearing socks on my feet.  That isn't so fun, 'cause if I had it my way, I would be barefoot ALL. DAY. LONG.  Who needs socks and shoes, anyways?! Hmmm.....okay, that may not go over very well in the office.  Sooooooooo, I guess I have to keep my "bare-footedness" at home. Oh bummer! 
I DO love the feeling of my barefeet on our beautiful, hardwood floors, though.  I can't quite tell you's just nice and I feel a sense of security.  I mean,....when I wear socks stockings {you see....I like to call socks sounds proper and it's fun to say :)} and have to run up the stairs....well, I just CAN'T!!  I have sort of a problem...I have to take it sloooooooooow or else I tend to fall UP the stairs more than I'd like to admit {please don't judge me, it happens to everyone, I think?}. 
Stockings are just too slippery!
I do know there IS an upside of wearing stockings, though....especially on hardwood floors! The best part of....okay, SOCKS!!! that you can run and slide on the floors while playing air guitar to your favorite music{oh know you do it too}!!!  I guess I'll give into socks for that reason, and that reason ALONE.  What can I say?!....I play a mean air guitar. 
So, watch out...I may start rockin' YOUR socks off!

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