Friday, October 5, 2012

Flannel Five: Outfit Five

Flannel Five
Outfit Five: Date Night
Last but not the least, try flannel on your next date night!  It is totally okay to mix a flannel scarf with a polka dot skirt!  I know we talked about rules in yesterday's post, but a good way to make pattern mixing work well is to keep colors similar.  For example, I mixed a red, tan, white, & black plaid scarf with a white and black polka-dot skirt.  A solid shirt with a complimentary color keeps your eyes from going crazy! :)  When you keep the colors similar, it ties the outfit least that's what they taught me in fashion jail {wink! wink!}.
I sure do hope you enjoyed seeing new ways to use the flannel that you have in your existing closet or that you will find shopping! Keep warm this weekend, as it has been snowing up here....yikes, October!  Tata 'til after the weekend! :)

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  1. Heck yes you can wear a flannel scarf with a polka dot skirt!! Love it.