Monday, October 8, 2012

A few for you.

A few photos from our trip to Vegas:
The Bellagio Fountains:
Our Hotel:
Saw the Cique de Soleil show "LOVE," with our dear friends.
America Restaurant - This map hanging from the ceiling was amazing!
My snack on the airplane ride to Vegas, and back home.
The pretty view from the plane...on our way back to Minnesota.
This trip consisted of a lot of firsts for James and I:
First ever airplane flight {Not so fun for me on the way there, more relaxing on the way home}.
First ever Cirque de Soleil show.  We saw "LOVE" acrobatic and theatrical presentation with music from the Beatles... Ah-mazing!
First time watching the Bellagio fountains...beautiful!
First time in Vegas, for that matter!...
Overall, the trip was busy: some work and some sight-seeing/downtime, but fun....definitely fun! :)
Happy Monday, dear friends!

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