Friday, November 9, 2012


Dear Rainey,
I appreciate your "woooowoooowooos" every morning 'cause I know that it is close to the time I need to get up. Thank you for waiting for me to get home everyday so you can sneeze all over my face ever so gracefully!  Wherever you step you leave behind love and joy.....and hair, even if we vacuumed 5 seconds earlier!  James and I enjoy hearing you run and "tic tic tic tic" across our wood's just nice knowing you are here and there and in everything! ;) Thanks for wagging your tail so hard because you love us (I hope you don't have to have hip surgery someday because of it, but if you do....we will be there to show you our love...).

Dear James,
I am so proud of you for giving your best at work, and home, and in our marriage.  By the way, I look forward to being able to share cold, long winters with you, because you keep my toes warm.  Thanks for allowing me to share all my concerns and thoughts (and emotions many times) too.  You know how to listen and I like that.  You really care and that is real love!  Let's take some time soon to just get away and enjoy US.  P.S. I think you are smokin' hot!!!! 

Dear Readers/Family/Friends,
Thanks for stopping by even though you don't have to.  You make blogging fun and I enjoy sharing a part of my life with you....maybe I share too much sometimes, but maybe it is just enough!  I hope you find some joy,hope, and encouragement....or personal style tips that you may or may not want to use! :)  You make blogging so much fun.....seriously!

Dear Deer......Please let James see you when he goes hunting tomorrow!  That would really make his weekend!

XO Tiff

"See you later alligator...."  Insert "After a while crocodile!" HERE   You know you were thinking it! :)

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  1. the snoop is so cute <3
    x the cookies