Monday, November 19, 2012

Unplanned Plan

Photos by James Nelson
{As well as ALL the other outfit posts on this blog.  My husband has got talent, I tell ya. :) }
How was your weekend?! Did you find that time to relax and take a break?! I hope you did.
James and I sure did take time to relax and it. was. perfect.  Why?!......because we didn't make any plans.  We just "went with the flow."  It seemed I had forgotten how to do that though, because.....
I asked husband on Friday night:
Me: "So, babe!....What are we going to do tomorrow?" 
Husband: "We have no plans, so I don't know?!" 
Me: "I know, so what are we planning on doing?!"
Husband: "All I know is we are sleeping in."
:) A plan to sleep in was in order, but the rest was up in the air!...
(sounded like a good "unplanned" plan to me!)
I guess I just need to be reminded to not make plans where we have no plans...if any of that makes sense!?
Husband, I loved being reminded and thanks for a great weekend!
Happy Monday everyone and Happy Short Week!?
Thankful for Thanksgiving!

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