Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3D just ain't my thing.

Target: sunglasses & sandals
Old Navy: dress
thrifted: sweater
So, as it was James' birthday on Monday, I surprised him with tickets to see Iron Man 3D!  He was on call for the first two weekends it was in theaters, so I knew we had to go before we missed it!  What better time than his birthday, right?!  There was a 6:45 or 7:15 showing and if you didn't know already, we looooooooooove any chance there is to go to bed early.  We kinda live crazy, busy lives and enjoy any extra shut-eye we can get!  Therefore, 6:45 was it!...and it was in 3D!  How perfectly unforgettable, I thought! 
......Movie and home in time to close our eyes before the sun goes down.  Can I get an AMEN!  
Well, wish I had hindsight 20/20, 'cause 3D just ain't my thing (or James' either).  The picture was still a little fuzzy viewing through the glasses they gave us (...and then took them back...whatever happened to souvenirs?).  Ha! and you can't NOT laugh when you look at your spouse in those glasses, jaw dropped with excitement.  ...If only they allowed me to bring in my camera for the show....
You would be able to "see it clearer."  ;)
Anyways, I know better now for next year!
What do you think?!
Is 3D the way YOU go?


  1. Darn! You thrifted the sweater! I really really want a floral sweater and need to find one!

    1. If I find one, I'll mail it to ya! ;)

  2. It used to be really hard for me to see 3D movies, but I think I've adapted pretty good. It also depends in which movie theatre you watch it in because some have better quality screens and glasses. Anywhoo, you look amazing in this outfit! The cardigan and dress were meant to be together ;)

  3. Dislike 3D movies to the fullest extent.