Thursday, August 22, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday! Take 2

Hey! This is Awkward & Awesome Thursday!
It's where I post about awkward and awesome moments in this little thing called life!

And just some pictures of me being mostly awkward.
Target dress & sandals - Peppers "Nola" Eyewear

When you step out of your vehicle in a rush to just quuuuuuickly stop in a gas station to grab an Arnold Palmer for a beach picnic. That doesn’t sound really awkward, until I say that I notice my skirt was not covering my unders.  Instead my skirt was caught in my unders and let’s just say that ALL the gas pumps were being used at the time.  How ironic.  So….I was like, “Hello all you people! Here’s my back side! Sorry, but yes you DID just see that.”  Like I said though…we were going to the beach so “unders” was code word for swim bottoms. Thankful they weren’t the real things and maybe wearing swimwear made this experience better and not as awkward, yes?! …or maybe not!

Not awkward for me, but happened to someone VERY VERY close to me… quoted from a text I received the other day: “That moment when you’re at a restaurant with people you don’t know that well and you pull out “Chapstick” from your purse to put on your chapped lips…but, you realize your “Chapstick” is actually an unwrapped tampon that you raised to your lips… #thatjusthappened  #wahwah ” So thankful that was NOT me! ;)

Trying to take a nap, in your car, on your lunch… you find the closest, empty parking lot and recline.  Twenty minutes later you wake up from your nap, pull your seat back up, turn and look left out your window and notice a man parked right next to you.  Literally, RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR CAR.  Ummm…..there is a WHOLE PARKING LOT empty and he has to park right there and see me with my nap head of hair. Of course we made eye contact and I grinned (with possible drool and face crease), locked the doors, and slowly reclined back down to “napping position.” Just close your eyes, it helps. It helps. It helps. Repeat it.

You are walking into Walmart and see some people you know.  Mid conversation you notice that one of the men has “the barn door open,” “flies are coming in,” “close the doors”….you know!  Do you say something, ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Do you keep checking to see if it still is down, yes, but not trying to.  Awkward and I am sure that person will realize later.  Trust me….if it was a girl or lady, I would have said something. 


The email you were supposed to receive from your husband yesterday, but missed it until this morning right when you needed to hear it most. It starts with “I am totally in love with you….” and something about God smiling yada yada and your beautiful yada yada……I mean, it all makes sense now and you totally HAVE to have a great day then! ;) Too sweet babe.

Our wood floors are looking amazing, even though we are not completely done finishing them yet.  Those of you who have sanded and finished floors before can understand the awesomeness in being SO CLOSE TO COMPLETION! James has been doing amazing work and we can’t wait to sleep in our bedroom again.  The mattress on the floor for almost two weeks just ain’t cuttin’ it. P.S. I will have a post up soon to show the completed project!!! J

Tomorrow is Friday and that means SUMMER BBQ for lunch. Enough said. Nuuuuuuuuuummmmm.

I actually AM downsizing.  Not just words coming out of my mouth anymore.  I have probably 15 pairs of shoes that I am going to sell as of right now.  Some have been seen on this blog!  More clothes, accessories, stuff, stuff, stuff to get rid of, yes!.  But, one step at a time, right…and that means SHOES first!  P.S. I have all size 9, VERY gently used & NEW booties, heals, etc… If any of you ladies out there are interested in any,  send me an email @ and I can send pictures and pricing. J

I literally am just finishing this ice cream drumstick.  It was most definitely AWESOME!

Have an AWKWARD or AWESOME Thursday……..or both! J

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