Monday, August 12, 2013

It's been a while...


Well hello there. 
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Tiffany and this is my blog about......

Yup.  I feel like I've been gone for a while.  Actually, let me rephrase that...I HAVE BEEN gone for a while!  Like exactly 25 days. YIKES!!  Life for everyone is busy, but we each experience different things at different seasons of life.  There has been good things happening in these last twenty-five days and then many deep hard-to-get-through times too.  Maybe one day I can write it down and explain it, but until then....I just know that God is good.  Life is a gift from God, so it is also good, because He created it....and I am thankful for each and every experience in the middle of it, because that is how we are shaped, molded, and built. :)  Cliche, sure. Truth, as well....YES!


From the very beginning of this blog called "TisforTiffany," I knew it would only be a PART of my life, and NOT my everything. 
(gasp....did she just write that out? :/ )  I confess!  I must say that consistency of posts everyday is definitely not what blogging is about for me.  There is no right or wrong way to blog, and that is what I really enjoy about it.  I enjoy being able to express and share funny moments, faith, and style here on the blog as often as my little creative mind desires and time allows.  HAHAHAHA! That thing called TIME!  Do you have some to spare!? :)

Blogging is a way for me to keep an online journal of all that creative juice that is bubbling up inside of me.  But man, I admit....sometimes it is bubbling and bubbling and bubbling WAY TOO FAST and I want to do it all. at. once.

That's when I have to...
Look around. 
See what I got.
See what God has already put right in front of me. 
See what responsibilities he has laid out before me.
See what he wants me to do with what he has given me.
And set some things aside for a moment.

So, anyways.....I'm back.  :)

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