Friday, August 16, 2013

crisp. clean. and refreshing.

Target sandals, Eddie Bauer shorts, Old Navy tshirt, Dollar Store glasses
So, I must have this thing for blue and white, or something?!
Come to think of it, I must be obsessed. 

like our lovely home: white blocks with blue trim and shutters on the outside,
and all different shades of blue rooms on the inside with white trim!
like summer skies: our summer has been surprisingly full of clouds and rain,
but you know the NORMAL summer skies...white clouds on the blue painted backdrop.
I love this color combination, and I don't know why? 
like this outfit: which feels like pajamas that you can dress up with heals. ;)
Maybe I like blue and white so much because it's
crisp, clean and cool feeling for a warm, summer day!? 

More randomness:
Do you know what else is crisp, clean, and cool feeling? My mouthwash! And say my mouthwash is blue and then white too! You know?? when you swoosh it around your mouth while you count down the agonizing 30 seconds you have to keep it in there to kill all those germs. Usually by the time I get to 20 seconds, I'm foaming and overflowing at the mouth, and that's where the white comes in...ALL OVER MY FACE!  Gotta love it though.....'cause it's crisp, clean, cool, blue, AND white! 

Ok....randomness and tangent mind must mean it is the weekend! Ready for a weekend break,
................but never take a break from mouth washing, and brushing, and flossing for that matter.
Oh boy....I'm done rambling.


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