Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oh, H&M. I'm downsizing! Why do you tempt me so?

Ok.  So....I have this deal with the hubs to get rid of HALF MY WARDROBE!!!  I KNOW!!  CRAZY!! But, totally possible.  It is nothing he is forcing me to do, promise!  I made this decision on my own, seriously! James and I talked about this officially when we were on vacation out west this summer (will post pictures of that road trip asap :) ).
James came to me probably two weeks after that "promise day" of mine and said,
"Babe. So, how many items do you have?" 
I was like, "Honey, what are you talking about?"   
", accessories, shoes, all of it!"
"Oh Yes! The promise. Let's get on that right away."
"Remember 50% of everything, hon."
"I know..."
Well, much has happened since then....but nothing having to do with getting rid of my things.   I haven't gone out purchasing, but I say that a promise is a promise and it has not been completed yet.  I will, I will!
All you fashionistas out there may be freaking out a little,
but if I can down size, N. E. ONE. can! Trust me!
So....all this being said....It just so happened that when I'm downsizing, H&M decides to start their "BUY ONLINE, not just in store" phase.  How ironic, right!?  Since I'm downsizing, I am just window shopping.  But, you see I have been window shopping H&M since.......well, a long time.  Now you've done it H&M. You just want to tempt me, don't you.  But I'm not giving in, just yet. 
If you are not me, and if you are not downsizing....
go right ahead and check out with these lovelies: 
H&M Outfit 1
H&M Outfit 2

clockwise: pants, jacket, shirt, earrings, bag, shoes
H&M Outfit 3

H&M Outfit 4

clockwise: glasses, scarf, jeans, shoesshirt
H&M Outfit 5
clockwise: dress, earrings, glasses, bag, boots

BTW....this is not a sponsored post.  I just really, really like H&M. :)

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