Tuesday, September 24, 2013

when you just can't decide if it's summer or fall

Target sunnies, Lucky & Coco scarf(gifted), Target boyfriend cardigan,
Target purse(swapped), Maurices capris, Madewell skimmer flats
It is just that time of year around northern Minnesota where the summer FINALLY shows up, but WAAAAAY late to the party.  Way late....like all the summer brats are devoured, the lemonade pitcher is empty, and there is just a spoonful of fruit salad left. YEAH! Late you are summer!  Those cute kids on the corner with lemonade stands aren't even going to be able to fill up your glass.  Those stands are all packed up in the garage until next year, school bells have been ringing, and the sweaters have been pulled out of totes. 
Kid you not....it actually FINALLY has felt like summer these last few weeks.  Not heat waves, but normal summer temps and weather.  And it isn't suppose to be like this (but don't take that as if I'm complaining....I'm very, very thankful).  It is just that I pulled out the sweaters and I am itching to wear them......you know, with boots and scarves and stuff.  So....because of the warm weather, I had to wear capris and shoes without socks.  But, because it has already been officially fall for a few days I HAD to wear a sweater and scarf.  It felt great!  Just disregard this combination of my fall top half with the summer bottom half.
I just couldn't decide what would be more appropriate attire for these warm fall days!
Aren't you feeling that same itch for sweater weather!? :) 
Who doesn't love Fall?!

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